The Modern Solution for the Taxi Business

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New York Taxi Company Uses Samsung Tablets for Payments and Ads
Cab companies use Samsung Tablets for Payments and Advertisements

At some point, you’ve probably had to rely on a taxi to get you from point A to B – if you’re in a big city, it’s common part of everyday life. As part of the industry, you’ve certainly noticed some serious deficiencies that have become painfully evident in recent years, especially considering the rise in popularity of companies like Uber and Lyft. As such, it’s either time to onboard modern technology, or face defeat at the hands of these highly-connected companies.

Traditional cab services can benefit greatly from mobile solutions – and you don’t have to build a snazzy app like your competitors. Even though the industry is changing, adopting newer technologies proves to be incredibly beneficial to this business model. Here, we’re going to discuss the issues with the taxi business and provide and overview of how mobile devices can solve dilemmas in a cost-effective manner.

The issues with the taxi business

The ability to hail a ride from almost anywhere has come to fruition in modern times, thanks to GPS-enabled mobile devices and correlating applications. Unfortunately, this has created major dents in the revenue stream for cab companies across the country. In order to remain competitive, it’s essential that taxis become more accessible to keep business afloat.

Mobile apps have made ordering a ride for customers incredibly convenient. If a taxi business isn’t in an area where riders can easily flag a passing driver, the company suffers some degree of financial loss. Even in heavily populated areas – where this model has sufficed for decades – the lack of modern equipment has proved to be detrimental to these designs.

Without a functional mobile solution, taxi businesses suffer because they can’t connect with customers like newcomers to the industry. Too, there are issues with effective usage of mobile devices as providing these items without an adequate strategy often renders these investments virtually useless. At ConnectUs, we’ve assessed the various obstacles faced by taxi companies and derived several solutions that are cost effective, allowing these traditional designs to remain competitive.

Ram Mount Samsung Tablet in Taxi

Ram Mount Samsung Tablet in Taxi for Point of Sale

ConnectUs solutions for the taxi business model

Helping the taxi business means implementing mobile solutions that allow more-traditional services to keep pace with technologically-equipped service providers. Implementing mobile devices – even without building a sophisticated app – allows this business model to flourish.

Below, we’ll look at a few areas where mobile devices have assisted our clients in the cab business.

POS system – One of the biggest struggles cab businesses face relates to efficient processing of payment. In the past, riders required cash to fund a ride, but this is no longer the only feasible option for payment. By utilizing a mobile device, cab companies can easily accept payments from other methods, allowing customers to pay in a more convenient manner.

Navigation – Vehicles equipped with modern navigation systems are great, but it’s not economical to retrofit an entire taxi fleet with this technology. Using smart devices and accessories that reduce distractions (i.e. mounting systems) gives drivers an edge that improve ride accuracy which increases customer satisfaction. Too, it helps locate riders which is helpful for drivers that aren’t familiar with certain locations. By becoming more efficient, the user experience improves which helps with a business’s bottom line.

Advertising – One of the greatest advantages companies like Uber or Lyft have is visibility, which is an inherent part of their design. It gives them an edge over traditional companies, but it doesn’t make them unbeatable. By implementing web-based advertising that’s targeted toward prospects for a service area, this provides visibility that allows cab services to acquire revenue that would otherwise be captured by more modernized systems. Ideally, this solution should make calling (or texting) for a ride as easy as possible, thus allowing users to advantage of traditional taxi services.

Make your taxi business mobile friendly with ConnectUs

At ConnectUs, we pride ourselves on our ability to analyze and implement solutions for a vast assortment of mobile needs. In the taxi business, creating an app to keep up with some of the new players in the game seems like the best option, but this isn’t the case. Implementing mobile devices with an effective strategy to connect riders doesn’t require reinventing the wheel.

Even if you’re not in the taxi business, ConnectUs designs a variety of mobile solutions for any industry. Get in touch with us by visiting our contact page so we can discuss your needs and create an ideal solution that allows you to better interface with your prospects and existing customers.