A major New York based Metropolitan School System required specialized flip phones as part of their Covid-19 response plan. Over 12,700 hard to find devices were needed in a tight time frame. ConnectUs was the only value-add reseller that had the flip phones in stock in large quantities. The phones were custom kitted and shipped in just over one week.

  • Over 12,700 ZTE flip phones kitted and shipped in 8 business days.
  • Enabled rapid, custom response to Covid-19 education demand.
  • Trust built with community for any future technology needs.


Major Metropolitan School System faces unique remote learning challenge

During the height of the Covid-19 crisis, educational organizations had to reinvent how to teach their students. Most turned to distance learning solutions that required digital devices for each student to learn from home.

A Major Metropolitan School System based in New York faced this situation with an added challenge. Being affiliated with a religious group, they decided to only use flip phones for remote learning. In early 2020, these devices were especially hard to find. As the lockdowns continued, time was of the essence. 


Find a provider that could deliver uncommon flip phones at scale

The School System was already using Verizon Wireless for their mobile needs. However, when they approached the Tier 1 Carrier, they learned that Verizon could not fill such a large order (12,700 phones) in such a short period of time. The quoted wait time from the Carrier was 10-12 weeks. This was far too long for students to remain unschooled.

It was immediately clear that an alternative flip phone provider needed to be found to meet the unique education needs.


Consult with Carrier about alternative flip phone provider

Due to numerous previous successful experiences, Verizon referred the School System to ConnectUs. We are the industry leader in hard to find handheld device fulfillment. The School System was delighted to learn that ConnectUs had the flip phones in stock and in the quantity desired.


Over 12,700 custom flip phones kitted and delivered in record time

As soon as the order was placed, the ConnectUs team got to work to outfit the large flip phone order. The devices required custom kitting along with SIM pairings assigned to each device. A team of 16 people was assembled to work on the project. Over the course of 8 business days the phones were quickly configured and staged.

Even though the customer had no other options, being part of a religious community did not hinder their ability to enable remote learning. 

ConnectUs was able to configure, kit, and SIM pair over 12,700 flip phones and ship them within 8 business days. Thanks to these intense efforts, and the unique positioning of ConnectUs in the device market, the School System’s students could engage in distance learning.

Due to strict governance, the School System community does not enter lightly into any provider contracts. After this successful campaign, they will certainly look to ConnectUs again for future technology requirements.

Covid Testing Site


The Covid-19 crisis sent a Global Health Services Organization scrambling to locate 4G LTE Enterprise Gateway devices which were essential for their distributed enterprise. The devices were designated to be deployed to Covid-19 urban testing tents. ConnectUs was able to configure, kit, label, and ship the devices in one business day to help keep the Organization ahead of the crisis.

  • 225 Sierra Wireless 4G LTE Enterprise Gateway devices shipped within one business day
  • Enabled quick response to pandemic health crisis needs
  • Devices arrived fully configured, kitted, and labelled upon shipping


Global Health Services Organization requiring hundreds of 4G LTE devices on-demand

During the height of the Covid-19 crisis, many healthcare entities were forced to re-invent strategies to confront the unprecedented demand of a pandemic response. A large part of the effort revolved around virus infection testing as a core preventative measure. 

A major Global Health Services Organization responded to the crisis by deploying urban tent-based testing centers. As enterprise grade IT infrastructure was unavailable in the field on such short notice, the Organization required hundreds of 4G LTE devices to equip the tents with advanced connectivity capability.


Find a provider capable of rapidly providing 4G LTE enterprise level connectivity devices

When the Global Health Services Organization approached their distributor about the demand for 4G LTE devices, the turnaround time was set at 8-12 weeks. This long wait time was unacceptable as the spread of infection was being clocked in hours and days.

The Organization set out to find a device provider that could ship immediately to keep up with the urgent need for field testing. 


Consult with Tier 1 Carrier regarding hard to find device providers

In their search for enterprise grade 4G LTE devices, the Global Health Services Organization turned to their Tier 1 Carrier for help. The Carrier immediately referred the Organization to ConnectUs, due to our long, successful history of delivering hard to find devices to meet urgent needs

The Organization was thrilled to learn that ConnectUs could fulfill the order and ship the devices on-demand. 


225 Sierra Wireless 4G LTE Enterprise Gateways configured and shipped within one business day

Once the order was received, ConnectUs rapidly configured the devices with the latest firmware. The devices were then kitted and labeled according to specific location requirements. All the devices were shipped out the door within one business day.

With state-of-the-art global 4G LTE coverage, the Global Health Services Organization established broadband connectivity for POS devices and other mission critical equipment to ensure service during the crisis. This high level of connectivity enabled the Organization to provision devices, monitor cellular data usage, and remotely maintain software versions and configurations.

In the end, it meant virus testing and all pandemic related issues could be communicated quickly and reliably over the enterprise’s secure network.

ConnectUs has established a relationship with this top 10 US healthcare provider as a result of being able to turn around the equipment order quickly. Along with ConnectUs, the Organization has extended a lengthy contract process to ensure future device demands are met on time.

Online Call


During the initial phase of the Covid-19 crisis, a Major University required WiFi hotspot devices to immediately shift all teaching and communication online. ConnectUs was the only value add reseller that could fulfill the order in a short time frame.

  • 400 x Inseego 8800L WiFi hotspot devices shipped within one business day
  • Minimized time to deploy institution-wide remote learning
  • Devices staged, kitted and deployed to over a dozen locations
  • Collaboration with Verizon to establish secure virtual private network (VPN)


Major University facing urgent demand for online connectivity due to Covid-19 lockdown

This year 90% of universities adopted emergency distance/virtual education to conduct or complete the spring term. In this context, a Major University faced significant remote learning obstacles during the Covid-19 crisis. This unprecedented event was unanticipated, and the University found itself unable to provide internet connectivity to many of its faculty members.

Any attempt to deploy broadband cable infrastructure would have created a huge gap in learning as well as significant costs. While educators struggled with connecting with each other and their students, it became immediately apparent that on-demand WiFi hotspot access was essential.


Locate hundreds of WiFi hotspot devices to be deployed immediately

The Covid-19 crisis left many organizations scrambling for on-demand connectivity solutions. The University had very few options other than to procure and deploy hundreds of hotspot devices campus wide.

This effort was the fastest way to enable teachers, staff and students to move ahead with learning goals. As the usefulness of video classrooms was becoming apparent, reliable internet connectivity was crucial. 


Scan the market for a provider that could fill a large device order quickly

The University initially attempted to obtain the WiFi hotspot devices directly from their Tier 1 Carrier, however, the Carrier needed 8-12 weeks to fill the order. Given the lockdowns were enforced while the semester was already underway, a 2-3 month wait was unacceptable.

In consultation with the Carrier, ConnectUs was recommended which has occurred in dozens of similar situations. ConnectUs is known industry wide for being able to procure, kit and deploy hard to find devices within days. 


400 WiFi hotspot devices shipped to over a dozen sites within one business day

The University was thrilled to learn that ConnectUs could fill the entire order of 400 Inseego 8800L hotspot devices and ship them the same day. The devices were fully staged and kitted, and they were deployed to over a dozen locations. 

Secure WiFi hotspot device configuration meant that document sharing and online meeting could occur securely. Additionally, working with Verizon, the devices were also configured with a secure VPN to further enhance privacy. 

Due to the rapid response by ConnectUs, the University’s class down time due to Covid-19 was reduced to a minimum. Educators, students and staff were able to pivot quickly to remote learning despite the unforeseen challenges.

For future device and connectivity needs, the University is certain to consider ConnectUs first.  



A leading Live Video Broadcast & Digital Signage Company required hundreds of 4G USB modems to power customer live feeds and digital signage advertising. These end-of-life devices were extremely difficult to procure, and only ConnectUs was able to deliver the quantity needed in a short time frame.

  • Over 400 hard to find 4G USB modems shipped
  • Several hundred in stock shipped immediately
  • Devices fully kitted and labelled
  • No other provider had the device in stock


Leading live stream provider and digital sign company stuck without modems

Live video streaming continues to increase in popularity for news, sports and many other content based media brands. Digital signage also has seen impressive growth over recent years. In fact, the global digital sign market is expected to expand to $31.7 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 8%. In terms of shipments, growth is anticipated to reach 6.45 million units by 2025. 

A leading Live Broadcast & Digital Signage Company had been using Novatel 4G USB modems for many of its media deployments. However, the devices are no longer being manufactured, and it has become nearly impossible to find them. The Company’s customers required the devices to power their signage and video setups.


Locate hundreds of end-of-life 4G USB modems quickly

The up front investment for video broadcasting and digital signage is significant. Being hardware dependent, when a device gets phased out of production, it presents significant challenges in regards to compatibility issues.

Rather than replace entire fleets of video broadcasting equipment, the Company decided to continue supporting existing assemblies. This meant finding hundreds of 4G USB modems compatible with other existing hardware.


Scan the market to acquire hard to find 4G USB modem devices

The Live Broadcasting & Digital Signage Company reached out to multiple providers. These other providers did not have the required modem in stock, and they could not provide any notion of acquisition date. 

Subsequently, the Company contacted their Tier 1 Carrier representative who referred them to ConnectUs. The proven ability to provide hard to find devices makes ConnectUs the go to solution in these difficult situations.


Over 400 hard to find devices kitted and delivered fast

ConnectUs had several hundred of the Novatel 4G USB modems already in stock. These were kitted and labelled to ensure the device barcodes could easily be scanned and assigned to each of the Company’s customers upon deployment. They devices were then shipped immediately. 

Nobody else in the industry could provide these discontinued devices. Following the initial shipment, the remaining units were received, kitted and shipped in a matter of weeks. Other device providers could not commit to any time frame at all.

The media broadcast Company was able to successfully procure the devices from ConnectUS and meet tight deadlines for their advertising network of customers. The Company will continue to use ConnectUs for future device fulfillment needs.

Remote Wifi


During the peak of the Covid-19 crisis, hundreds of K-12 schools and universities required remote WiFi connectivity to facilitate online learning. In response, ConnectUs was able to quickly deploy over 340,000 hotspot devices nationwide to over 450 schools. Shipping occurred within 1-2 business days of order beating direct distribution shipment time by several weeks.

  • Over 450 K-12 and universities supplied with devices
  • Faster shipping compared to direct distribution and competitors
  • 340K devices deployed over 40 states in record time
  • Devices kitted with mobile device management (MDM) options


National health crisis creates huge demand from schools for wireless internet access

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, governments reacted by implementing strict lockdowns. It wasn’t long before new organizational solutions were being developed, especially in the education sector with digital learning platforms. As social distancing requirements remained in place, widely available remote WiFi connectivity became essential.

K-12 schools and universities quickly realized that their current WiFi networks could not keep up with the demand for connectivity. 


Increase internet access coverage to enable the use of digital learning tools

From video classrooms to online school and university portals, the educational landscape changed dramatically in 2020. Students were connecting with teachers more than ever online to attend virtual classes and access homework assignments. Plus, interaction between students also moved significantly online.

School WiFi networks were strained far beyond capacity, and the need for access appeared in places where no WiFi signal existed previously. The objective was to increase internet access for students, educators, and school staff.


Rapidly deploy WiFi hotspot devices to meet explosive demand

For hundreds of schools and universities, installing more broadband cable to meet the surge in connectivity demand would have taken several months. Meanwhile, students needed to advance with their learning programs immediately.     

The fastest and most convenient solution was to deploy WiFi hotspot devices to deliver an internet signal at any location desired. Many schools came to the same conclusion simultaneously, and they began to consult with Tier 1 Carrier representatives. Given such high demand, the reps immediately referred the schools to ConnectUs given our proven track record in rapid device delivery.


Over 340,000 hotspot devices deployed nationwide for remote education efforts

During the height of the Covid-19 crisis, ConnectUs was able to ship most orders within 1-2 business days over the course of 4 months. Direct distribution had an 8-12 week delivery time, and other device providers were taking 7-10 business days or longer to ship devices.

ConnectUs deployed over 340,000 hotspot devices from multiple manufacturers to over 40 states servicing over 450 individual K-12 schools and universities. ConnectUs provided devices to 3 out of 5 of the largest school districts in the country.

Additionally, multiple security options were provided including mobile device management (MDM) options for a number of schools. Since this initial deployment, dozens of schools have reached out for a second round of devices for the fall back-to-school season.

In the national Covid-19 response, ConnectUs is proud to be able to serve schools and help students stay on track with remote WiFi connectivity.




In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, a National Emergency & Disaster Relief Organization  required mobile internet access in pop up tents where people received screening tests and other medical assistance. The Organization turned to ConnectUs which was able to procure, kit, and ship 450 WiFi hotspot devices within one day of order placement. 

  • Ramped up Covid-19 response in days with WiFi hotspot devices.
  • Instead of 8-12 week delay, all devices were shipped within a single business day.
  • 450 devices shipped rapidly over a dozen locations.
  • Devices arrived ready to use out of the box.


Covid-19 required rapid response from Emergency & Disaster Relief Organization

The nationwide spread of Covid-19 infections required a fast, agile, and robust response from healthcare organizations. Rapid test coordination and test reporting depended largely on internet connectivity. Part of the Emergency & Disaster Relief Organization’s strategy was to set up pop up tents in the field to reach where rapid testing would be safe and efficient.

Being distant from infrastructure-based WiFi connectivity, the need for portable hotspots in the pop up tents became quickly apparent. This would facilitate the use of laptops and handheld devices being used in the fight against Covid-19.


Deploy WiFi hotspot devices nationwide as quickly as possible

As the viral infection was running its course across the country, every hour was critical. Internet connectivity in the field was of utmost importance. Viral testing was being performed in pop up tents to make testing more accessible, however, these locations did not have internet access. The Organization’s objective was to deploy hundreds of WiFi hotspot devices to locations nationwide. 


Locate a provider that could rapidly configure and ship devices 

The Emergency & Disaster Relief Organization first turned to a major Carrier to inquire about procuring hotspot devices. The Organization was disappointed to hear, however, that there was an 8-12 week delivery backlog as the requested devices were sold out.

The Carrier referred the Organization to ConnectUs as we are known for being able to locate hard to find devices with ultra quick delivery turnaround. The Emergency & Disaster Relief Organization was thrilled to discover that ConnectUs not only could supply the devices, but that shipment would be made within one business day of order placement.


450 kitted devices received, ready out of the box help fight to Covid-19

The Emergency & Disaster Relief Organization never faced an urgency of this scale. The ability to receive WiFi hotspot devices, across over a dozen locations nationwide, was a huge boost for crisis and treatment response teams.

ConnectUs was able to ship 450 Novatel and Inseego hotspot devices within a day of order placement. Additionally, the devices were fully kitted and end user ready upon delivery. Each device enabled up to 12 simultaneous internet connections.

The most important results were the healthcare outcomes. Volunteer and medical workers were able to access the internet on demand and get Covid-19 test results back to testing centers quicker. This in turn allowed them to focus on testing patients more efficiently.

In the future, in the event of another large scale health crisis, ConnectUs will be ready to help meet the challenge. 

Samsung Note 5 Verizon - Scanning Devices
Samsung Smartphone – Solution


A leading provider of hand held license plate scanning and ticketing devices turned to ConnectUs to procure thousands of out of production Samsung Note smartphones. Now, the Company provides seamless product delivery at a substantial cost reduction.

  • Recommended by Samsung directly and worked in conjunction with Verizon Wireless Business Group to support connectivity.
  • Procured 1000s of end of life certified pre-owned devices no longer being manufactured
  • Initial order turned around in 10 days
  • Realized overall savings of $300+ per device
  • Uninterrupted supply chain for 3 years running


Hand held computer supplier unsatisfied by phablet provider

Since 1978, with over a million devices in the field, the Company designs and manufactures customizable, rugged mobile, industrial, handheld computers for a wide variety of applications. One of their main products is a handheld license plate scanning and traffic/parking ticketing computer used by local government and law enforcement agencies.

The devices the Company required were Samsung Note android smartphones which are outfitted into a proprietary sled. The previous vendor was not able to fill the device orders reliably, and quality was also an issue. This led to product delivery delays and end customer dissatisfaction.


Find a reliable provider of hard to find devices

Given the problems with their previous device provider, the Company consulted directly with Samsung about potential solutions for hardware requirements. Samsung recommended ConnectUs due to our proven track record of delivering hard to find, high quality, out of production devices.  


Transition over to ConnectUs and ramp up device delivery

The Company decided to start with one initial order from ConnectUs of over 1000 Samsung Note 3 phablets. These would later be paired with the Company’s proprietary peripheral sled. This first order was delivered in 10 business days, and the device quality was like-new. 

Based on this initial success the collaboration continued, and the devices eventually evolved into Samsung Note 5 phablets. Overall, thousands of discontinued models have been delivered.

Samsung Note Smarthpone - Ticketing Peripheral


Streamlined, reliable device delivery and substantial savings for the long haul

As the Company’s proprietary scanning peripheral was built specific to the form factor of the device, out of production hardware was their only choice. However, device quality and reliable deliverability were core issues left unsatisfied by the previous vendor. 

For three years running now, the Company continues to choose ConnectUs as their go-to device provider. ConnectUs delivers certified pre-owned devices at a fraction of the cost that look and work like brand new.  

ConnectUs also manages the Company inventory, and shipping occurs on demand. All the devices are asset tagged by ConnectUs specific to the Company requirements. On top of the much improved quality and service, the average savings per device has been over $300. Thanks to this mutually beneficial relationship, several thousand models have been shipped successfully enabling the Company to grow as a sector leader.


Samsung Polling Software


For the 2016 Presidential election cycle, a large polling company implemented Samsung tablets and LG GPads outfitted by ConnectUs. This enabled the company to implement highly efficient and secure polling capability with near real time results.

  • Quick device turn around time beating the deadline
  • Savings of $150 per device compared to purchasing from the carrier
  • Devices locked down in Kiosk mode for secure use 
  • Tablets configured and shipped on demand to end users


Polling company seeking to modernize and improve performance

It wasn’t long ago that polling companies would go door-to-door using paper based clipboards to record polling data. In fact, many companies continue this practice to this day. The results are then sent back to a central database for manual processing which can take weeks.

For the 2016 Presidential campaign, a large polling company wanted to modernize it’s polling capability by making it fully digital and online. The company leadership concluded that handheld devices – dedicated strictly to polling – was the ideal strategy. 

Samsung Tablet Signature Verification Election Polling
Samsung Tablet Signature Verification Election Polling


Locate & configure thousands of tablets quickly and affordably

Although the polling company knew that tablets made sense for their needs, the challenge was to procure thousands devices and configure them for polling initiatives. Also, the tablets had to be shipped to dozens of locations across the US. 

Security was also of central importance to avoid poll result manipulation, which made device protection and monitoring essential. Finally, the entire device fleet had to be outfitted and delivered quickly at a reasonable per device price.  


Engage with a custom device provider that could configure, kit, and ship fast

The polling firm began its search for a customized hand held device provider. ConnectUs was referred by a previous satisfied client to the polling company. 

After reviewing the requirements of the company campaign, it was decided that the best devices would be Samsung tablets and LG GPads. Once the specifications were defined, ConnectUs was able to procure, configure, kit, and ship nearly 8,000 devices before the set deadline.


Streamlined national polling capability at a lower cost

ConnectUs met and exceeded the polling company’s requirements — not only delivering ahead of schedule, but also coordinating the logistics management to dozens of locations nationwide by shipping on demand to the end users. Plus, a savings of $150 per device was realized compared to purchasing direct from carrier. 

The devices were configured with the required polling settings and applications and were fully kitted according to client’s spec. Security was implemented by locking down each device in Kiosk mode so they could only be used within the polling application. ConnectUs also monitored data activity through a Mobile Device Management tool to prevent unauthorized users from gaining device access.

Image result for election polling tablet

The end result was hyper efficient and accurate polling data which could be analyzed in real time at a distance. For the 2020 primaries, ConnectUs continued to support the company establishing its place as an innovative leader in the US polling industry.  

Iphone Healthcare
Healthcare system utilizes iPhones to streamline communications
Healthcare system utilizes iPhones to streamline communications


By assigning its iPhone fleet acquisition to ConnectUs, the Largest Healthcare System in New England will ramp up to 10-12K devices in 3 years with an overall savings of up to $2.4M.

  • iPhones configured, customized, and ready out-of-the-box.
  • Scales up to thousands of devices in months.
  • Devices arrive to end user with Voalte app pre-installed.


Striving to improve healthcare communications in-house

The Healthcare System was using iPhones to streamline communication across a diverse array of world-class hospitals, specialty care locations, and outpatient clinics. As their supplier abruptly discontinued iPhone availability, the System could no longer meet demand. 


Increase configured and kitted iPhone fleet size

Simplify nurse and physician communication, and equip their IT team with the tools to manage, analyze and integrate mobile health technologies throughout their organization. The Healthcare System’s goal was to scale up its iPhone fleet quickly and be able to effective deliver devices to a multitude of inpatient and outpatient care facilities in multiple states. 

Apple iPhone DEP and Voalte Communication App
Healthcare Systems utilizes Apple iPhone DEP and Voalte Communication App


Find the best provider in terms of service, speed, and value at scale

The System’s plan was to acquire 10-12K pre-configured devices over the next three years. Only providers with a proven track record at scale were considered. Time was of the essence as rapid deployment was required to meet a backlog of demand.

It proved to be difficult to locate a provider of discontinued devices that could also asset tag, pre-configure, kit, and deliver at scale. Upon approaching ConnectUs, the Healthcare System also became aware of a $200 per device savings benefit.


Meeting device demand faster with significant savings

After engaging with ConnectUs, the Healthcare System was able to deploy several hundred iPhones – with Voalte app pre-installed – within weeks. Furthermore, a total savings of up to $2.4M is projected over the next three years. 

Voalte simplifies healthcare communications
Voalte – Healthcare communication platform

All devices come configured, branded, and ready out-of-the box. Now, the Healthcare System can continue to remain at the forefront of innovative care solutions for optimal patient outcomes.

Voalte – Healthcare communication platform for nurse and physician collaboration

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Failover Hotel Ad


Finding ways to keep costs as low as possible is a goal for business in all industries. Every company has unique ways of minimizing costs but there are a few universal methods used in every operation. Maximizing uptime is critical for all organizations – ensuring computing systems are always operational allows staff to be productive and enables you to engage with customers.

The problem is that all computing networks can fail for any number of reasons. For many, this often means business comes to a halt, resulting in a loss of revenue. Here, we’ll take a quick look at the costs of downtime and how to how to handle these situations to prevent losses.

The costs of downtime

Studies from Gartner have shown that the average cost of network downtime is about $300,000 per hour. Of course, this is a highly subjective figure, as it’s a function of how much your revenue your business can generate in an hour, the time of day an outage occurs, and the expense to rectify the matter. For example, if a POS system at a retail chain goes down after business hours, the impact is usually minimal or non-existent.

Herein lies the problem: some businesses think the impact won’t (or can’t) be as significant to their organization. It could be because their operation doesn’t’ generate this amount of revenue in an hour, let alone a week. Or there’s the mindset that your savvy team can “flip a switch” and fix issues in a short timeframe.

Business revenues vary – as does the impact of downtime – factoring in the time a system “chooses” to become non-operational. With that said, it is important to have an idea of the financial impact an outage can create at your location by averaging revenue for different points throughout the day and the week.

Pondering worst case scenarios is something we all hate to think about. However, it’s better to be prepared than to find yourself at a standstill when a mission-critical system stops responding. To get business up and running as soon as possible, a failover strategy allows businesses to keep moving in the event of a catastrophe.

What is a failover solution?

Failover refers to a system that can quickly replace an important machine, application, or segment of data, in the event of a failure or during times of scheduled maintenance. Should something happen, a failover can act on behalf of the normal machine to ensure that business doesn’t bottleneck.

There are several different kinds of failovers to consider, each with different operational models, costs, and benefits. To maximize the investment in a failover system, it’s important to understand the differences to select the best solution for your business.

Types of failover systems

Several types of failover systems are available, from highly-automated systems to more manual models that require extra configuration to replace a failed business resource. Too, data redundancy is helpful when a storage failure occurs, although this falls outside of the scope of failover.

Different sources identify several different kinds of failover systems. To simply to the concept, we’ll break it down into three primary failover designs.

High-availability automated failover

If a virtual switch or machine fails in the cloud, there are a few ways that failovers can takeover. Some systems can run side-by-side as mirrored instances that continually sync information as the systems run. This design can help load balancing (e.g. for high-traffic web servers) and also provides benefits at times when one of the machines goes down.

DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

Sometimes combined with automated solutions, disaster recovery services aim to rebuild or move failed systems to working platforms as quickly and simply as possible. Snapshots of system images (and sometimes data, depending on the setup) are regularly captured while in operation – in the event of a failure, these system states are replicated to working infrastructure.

Manual (standby) failovers

Usually the least expensive solution, these systems can be booted in the instance of failure and used for certain operations. This is kind of model can vary, as some designs automatically pull data from active resources while others require network provisioning to properly behave as an active production system. Such solutions are often limited in capacity, meaning that users won’t be able to carry out tasks as efficiently.

Let ConnectUs setup a failover for your needs

Downtime is costly – without a viable solution to getyour business back on its feet quickly, your bottom line will suffer. Several solutions are available, each with its own benefits. We can design a system that’s both tailored to your needs and cost-effective.

Check out our contact page and to get in though with one of our experienced professionals so we can build a solution for your business!