Remote Wifi


During the peak of the Covid-19 crisis, hundreds of K-12 schools and universities required remote WiFi connectivity to facilitate online learning. In response, ConnectUs was able to quickly deploy over 340,000 hotspot devices nationwide to over 450 schools. Shipping occurred within 1-2 business days of order beating direct distribution shipment time by several weeks.

  • Over 450 K-12 and universities supplied with devices
  • Faster shipping compared to direct distribution and competitors
  • 340K devices deployed over 40 states in record time
  • Devices kitted with mobile device management (MDM) options


National health crisis creates huge demand from schools for wireless internet access

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, governments reacted by implementing strict lockdowns. It wasn’t long before new organizational solutions were being developed, especially in the education sector with digital learning platforms. As social distancing requirements remained in place, widely available remote WiFi connectivity became essential.

K-12 schools and universities quickly realized that their current WiFi networks could not keep up with the demand for connectivity. 


Increase internet access coverage to enable the use of digital learning tools

From video classrooms to online school and university portals, the educational landscape changed dramatically in 2020. Students were connecting with teachers more than ever online to attend virtual classes and access homework assignments. Plus, interaction between students also moved significantly online.

School WiFi networks were strained far beyond capacity, and the need for access appeared in places where no WiFi signal existed previously. The objective was to increase internet access for students, educators, and school staff.


Rapidly deploy WiFi hotspot devices to meet explosive demand

For hundreds of schools and universities, installing more broadband cable to meet the surge in connectivity demand would have taken several months. Meanwhile, students needed to advance with their learning programs immediately.     

The fastest and most convenient solution was to deploy WiFi hotspot devices to deliver an internet signal at any location desired. Many schools came to the same conclusion simultaneously, and they began to consult with Tier 1 Carrier representatives. Given such high demand, the reps immediately referred the schools to ConnectUs given our proven track record in rapid device delivery.


Over 340,000 hotspot devices deployed nationwide for remote education efforts

During the height of the Covid-19 crisis, ConnectUs was able to ship most orders within 1-2 business days over the course of 4 months. Direct distribution had an 8-12 week delivery time, and other device providers were taking 7-10 business days or longer to ship devices.

ConnectUs deployed over 340,000 hotspot devices from multiple manufacturers to over 40 states servicing over 450 individual K-12 schools and universities. ConnectUs provided devices to 3 out of 5 of the largest school districts in the country.

Additionally, multiple security options were provided including mobile device management (MDM) options for a number of schools. Since this initial deployment, dozens of schools have reached out for a second round of devices for the fall back-to-school season.

In the national Covid-19 response, ConnectUs is proud to be able to serve schools and help students stay on track with remote WiFi connectivity.

2020 Election


In 2016, a national Polling Company turned to ConnectUs to outfit several thousand devices for Presidential Election polling campaigns. Now, for 2020, the same Company returned to ConnectUs for an ultra-fast turnaround to acquire more tablets used to conduct polls for this year’s heated election.

  • Quick device shipment despite challenges due to Covid-19
  • Savings of $250 per device compared to purchasing from the Carrier
  • 1,200+ Samsung, Lenovo and LG tablets shipped within 1-2 days of order


Polling company with urgent device demand

Given the unprecedented attention surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election, the pressure placed on polling companies has increased dramatically. Today, handheld devices are outfitted to collect polling data which improves data collection efficiency, increases accuracy, and accelerates poll result reporting. 

In 2016, a national Polling Company modernized its polling methodology by adding 8,000 hand-held devices procured, configured, and delivered by ConnectUs. With the intense interest in this year’s election, the Company was faced with an urgent demand to expand its polling tablet fleet.


Expand device fleet with no time to spare

For 2020, every political polling firm is working in overdrive. Given what’s at stake in the election, interest in polling results has risen sharply. One of the best ways to increase polling quality is to expand the number of pollsters out there gathering data. This means placing quality technology in their hands to get the job done.

Given the historic levels of interest in this year’s election, the Polling Company had a sudden, unforeseen increase in device demand. The objective was to get more polling devices out onto the streets to capture as many opinions within a very narrow time frame.


Re-engage with a custom device provider that can procure and ship immediately

The Polling Company’s initial approach was to consult with a mainstream Carrier to place a device order. However, the Carrier was sold out of the tablet model requested. The only possibility presented to the Customer by the Carrier was a more expensive device option. Additionally, ordering from the Carrier meant an 8-12 week wait time due to Covid-19 related supply chain restrictions.

In response, the Polling Company immediately contacted ConnectUs. They discovered that ConnectUs could fill the order with the desired devices, deliver rapidly, and offer huge savings.


Device order shipped in 1-2 days with over $300,000 in savings

ConnectUs got to work immediately to procure and ship over 1,200 LG, Samsung, and Lenovo  tablets to the polling company. Shipment was made within 1-2 days of ordering. Additionally, a $250 per device savings ($300,000+ total savings) was realized compared to the Carrier’s more expensive option.

By engaging again with ConnectUs, the Polling Company was able to build upon their 2016 election year success and improve outcomes for 2020 with more devices.

The Polling Company is also considering procuring more devices through ConnectUs for general and special elections. ConnectUs has also supported the Company’s non-profit fund-raising campaigns by providing additional device support. 

For any scenario requiring hard to find or custom hand-held devices, ConnectUs stands ready to deliver rapidly, at scale, and at significant savings. 



A major Theme Park was purchasing iPads, enrolled in Apple Configurator, directly from the manufacturer for point-of-sale and park check in purposes. When the manufacturer could no longer fill the orders in a timely fashion, the Theme Park faced a major productivity gap risk. ConnectUs stepped in and delivered 2,500 enrolled devices in 5 business days. Additionally, the client saved over $500K purchasing from ConnectUs.

  • 2,500 custom iPads shipped in 5 business days.
  • $200 per device savings. / $500K overall savings.
  • Devices enrolled through Apple Configurator prior to shipping.
  • Eliminated productivity gap risk.


Major Theme Park facing iPad shortage used in point-of-sale initiatives

Today, in a multitude of point-of-sale scenarios, hand-held devices streamline transactions and increase customer satisfaction. A major Theme Park implemented iPads as a point-of-sale device as well as a means for customers to check in to parks, hotels, and other managed venues. The device manufacturer designated the iPads to End-of-Life status, and any future orders required a 10-12 week lead time. 

Already behind in its roll out schedule, the Theme Park could not afford to wait. The delay would have caused significant employee productivity gaps and a decline in park visitor satisfaction.    


Quickly locate devices that fit use case built for specific iPad model

As the device use case was built for a specific model, the Theme Park could not go with a substitute device model mid-campaign. Given the long wait provided by the manufacturer, the Theme Park had no choice but to seek out a qualified alternative that could provide enrolled iPads at scale. Any further delay would be unacceptable. 


Engage with new device provider and roll out new inventory quickly

A Tier 1 Cellular Carrier was intimately involved in the Theme Park initiative, and the Carrier directly contacted ConnectUs. After confirming that ConnectUs could satisfy their need, the Theme Park placed its order. Within 5 business days, 2,500 iPads were enrolled through Apple Configurator and shipped to the client.


Seamless point-of-sale initiative continues at a large cost savings

Buying devices directly from the manufacturer involves risk. First, long wait times are not uncommon. Second, market pressures force the manufacturer to remain at higher price tiers. Lastly, when the manufacturer’s product cycle closes, End-of-Life devices become unavailable. 

The Theme Park was able to maintain employee productivity by leveraging ConnectUs to provide continued availability of its point-of-service, custom case devices. Rather than waiting 10-12 weeks, ConnectUs was able to deliver in 5 business days. Another huge benefit was a cost savings of $200 per device for a total savings of over $500K.

Now, the Theme Park employees can continue to get the job done delivering unforgettable experiences for park visitors.

Android POS


A major Point-of-Sale Company for Restaurants & Retail was using Samsung Tablets for a custom case pilot restaurant program built around the tablet’s form factor. When the device supply suddenly went End-Of-Life (EOL), ConnectUs filled a 3,000+ device order that the manufacturer could not satisfy thus extending the program longevity. The Point-of-Sale Company realized a $100 per device savings.

  • Filled hard-to-find device order to extend program life.
  • Devices configured and devices shipped nearly on demand.
  • $300K total savings ($100 per device).


Point-Of-Sale Company facing scarcity of customized Samsung Tablets

The Point-of-Sale Company for Restaurants & Retail had been successfully using customized Samsung Tablets for a pilot program for 2 years. The company sourced the devices directly from the manufacturer’s distribution network as brand new devices. However, Samsung decided to discontinue manufacturing leading to a device End-Of-Life (EOL) situation. 

A custom case had been built around the form factor of the specific Samsung Tablet, and now, the Point-of-Sale company was faced with the absence of a device provider.


Continue with the pilot program, but find a new custom device provider

Rather than end the current Point-of-Sale pilot program and re-start from scratch, the company decided to extend its current offering. Given the investment made into the custom case, the Point-of-Sale company sought to extract as much value as possible from the initiative before making wide reaching modifications. Now it was time to find a provider that could provide the Samsung devices.


Locate a custom device provider that could fill orders at scale

In order to extend the custom case, a device provider that could quickly fill orders at scale was essential. At this point, ConnectUs engaged with the company’s procurement team through Linkedin. The Point-of-Sale company quickly realized that ConnectUs could fulfill the order in less time than the original manufacturer. 

The Point-of-Sale company shared it’s device requirements with ConnectUs, and the devices were configured and shipped, nearly on demand. Even better, the Samsung tablets came at a $100 per device discount.


Leveraging the full value of custom case at a considerable overall savings

In many cases, companies face an acute lack of device supply when manufacturers suddenly allocate devices to End-Of-Life (EOL) status. These situations truncate custom case initiatives that have yet to run their full course as previously planned by companies. 

ConnectUs was able to ship over 3,000 Samsung tablets ready for the custom case enabling the Point-of-Sale company to leverage the full benefit of its efforts. This provided the company the flexibility to continue with its program while gaining time to plan for future initiatives. Otherwise, the brand would have been stuck with unmet device demand and no alternative solution.

The $300K overall savings made the decision all the more beneficial, and the Point-of-Sale company was highly pleased with their engagement with ConnectUs.



A leading Urgent Care Franchise significantly reduced its patient wait times by implementing Apple iPad’s–configured by ConnectUs–for patient check in. By leveraging these customized devices, the franchise streamlined administrative and medical records processes at a significant per-device cost savings. 

  • Patient check-in and wait time reduced by 17 min.
  • Devices were in stock for immediate configuration and shipment.
  • Apple iPads synced to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to reduce errors.
  • Per-device cost savings of up to $150.


Urgent care franchise seeking to improve administrative performance

Urgent care centers typically experience excessive patient wait times and medical document errors with these two challenges being intimately related. Paper based check in is slower, redundant, and it increases the chances for error due to illegible handwriting and/or data entry mistakes. 

Sensitive to these deficiencies, a leading Urgent Care Franchise was seeking to upgrade its administrative process by implementing modern, hand-held digital technology.


Digitize and accelerate patient check in using connected Apple iPads      

The Urgent Care Franchise decided the best approach would be to perform patient intake with tablet devices in order to accelerate patient data collection. Also, by linking the devices to the franchises EMR database, medical record quality would improve while eliminating the need for staff to process the data manually.


Partner with a provider that configures and delivers devices quickly

Upon evaluating various solutions, the Urgent Care Franchise was referred to ConnectUs by a prior customer. It was immediately apparent that ConnectUs could meet the Franchise’s requirements while also providing a significant discount compared to other providers.

After outlining the specifications, the Apple iPad’s were configured rapidly and shipped immediately. ConnectUs enrolled the devices into Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) for the client so that the Mobile Device Management (MDM) settings could be pushed onto the iPad’s. Since ConnectUs already had the devices in stock, there was no procurement time delay whatsoever. 


Over 1,500 devices deployed to improve administrative and medical records tasks

Overall, ConnectUs configured, kitted, and delivered over 1,500 devices to the Urgent Care Franchise. The solution enabled the urgent care clinics to substantially reduce administrative resource drain and increase patient satisfaction. As patients no longer have to fill out cumbersome paper forms when checking in, wait times are reduced for patients on average by 17 minutes. The Apple iPad application minimizes data entry errors and connects directly to the (Electronic Medical Record) EMR to eliminate information redundancy. 
ConnectUs provides the ability to scale Certified Pre-Owned iPad’s at a considerable cost savings (up to $150 per device). Additional Apple iPad’s are maintained in stock at all times for immediate delivery as demand arises. For the future, the Urgent Care Franchise plans to expand to additional clinics as well as other healthcare institutions to continue conserving administrative resources and optimizing patient care.  

LG Ipad


One of the largest international non-profits launched a program to incentivize physical activity in school children by providing them LG G Pads with a built-in activity app. The NGO turned to ConnectUs to pre-configure and ship nearly 30,000 devices over 4 years. ConnectUs saved the program nearly $4.5 million in costs, and the campaign was estimated to save 8,000 lives in areas that lacked clean water and food.

  • Devices configured, ready out of the box, with user settings & apps. 
  • Cost savings of $150 per device / $4.5M overall savings.
  • Over 3 million children participated and 8,000 lives saved


Top international NGO embarking on ambitious fitness and humanitarian campaign

A leading global non-profit organization had developed an innovative physical fitness program for kids in schools using a tablet based app. Additionally, a humanitarian effort was piggybacked on the exercise initiative. The plan was for donors to make pledges based on the amount of steps taken per classroom, and pledge money would in turn go to providing clean water and food to third world countries. 

When the NGO approached a Tier 1 Carrier to procure the devices, the price quote did not fit within the program’s budget. 


Locate and engage with a pre-configured device provider that could deliver at scale

When the non-profit leadership began their search for an alternate device provider, ConnectUs was recommended by a previous customer. Based on initial conversations, it was quickly apparent that ConnectUs could not only deliver the pre-configured LG G Pads at scale, but the devices would also be provided at a significant discount.


Define specifications, configure devices, and ship fast

Once the activity app specifications were determined, ConnectUs quickly configured and kitted the devices for immediate shipping. With industry leading capacity and delivery times, ConnectUs shipped 8,000 LG G Pads each year during a 4 year period. 


Over 3 million participants and 8,000 lives saved

To date, over three million children have participated in the physical activity program, and subsequent donations are estimated to have saved over 8,000 lives worldwide. Close to 30,000 devices were delivered over the course of 4 years.

The international NGO was thrilled with the quality of the devices provided by ConnectUs, as well as with the ultra fast delivery time. On top of the superior service, ConnectUs was able to extend a savings of $150 per device, with an overall savings of $4.5 million. Unquestionably, the youth activity & humanitarian campaign was a huge success for kids and persons in need worldwide.



By rapidly providing a major medical center with Samsung devices configured with Samsung Knox, ConnectUs further enabled patient follow up care at a distance to help reduce hospital readmission rates–while simultaneously providing a savings of $200 per device.  

  • 370 Tab S4 Verizon Tablets were configured with Samsung Knox.
  • Devices shipped immediately as ConnectUs already had the tablets in stock.
  • Provided overall savings to the hospital system of $74,000.


Major hospital system facing depleted device supply

Technology helps improve healthcare delivery nationwide with remote patient monitoring being  one of the most valuable initiatives. When a patient is discharged, mobile devices and wearables can track vital signs, remind patients to take medications, and provide doctor’s advice about treatment, rest, and diet. With the help of mobile technology, readmission rates can be reduced by two-thirds, and the need for in person visits can be cut by over 50%. This translates into millions of dollars of health cost savings.   

A major medical center had implemented mobile patient follow up, but more devices were needed to meet rising demand. Previously, the hospital system sourced these devices directly from their carrier, however, the carrier stock was now depleted. The health center’s need was urgent, and it could not afford to wait for the anticipated 8-10 week delivery delay.


Find a provider that could quickly fill the order for configured devices

The medical system needed to procure devices from another source and receive them quickly. Beyond finding a capable provider that could fill the order for configured devices, the hospital leadership also wanted to avoid any significant increase in cost.


Consult with Tier 1 Telecom Carrier & move forward with new provider

As it could not provide the devices, the Tier 1 Carrier referred the medical center directly to ConnectUs. Not only could ConnectUs fill the order, but the devices were in stock for immediate shipping.

The order for 370 Samsung Tab S4 Verizon Tablets, enrolled and configured into Samsung Knox, was filled immediately. As the devices were Certified Pre-Owned, this generated an added benefit to the hospital center of a per device savings of $200 and a total savings of $74,000.


Work with a reliable supplier and frictionless future planning

The hospital system now counts on ConnectUs as a reliable device provider that can quickly fulfill a wide range of orders at lower cost. ConnectUs continues to work closely with hospital leadership on other initiatives to provide bundled turn-key solutions, such as for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and Telehealth options. 

New opportunities can save the medical center hundreds of dollars per device and further assist in efforts to reduce hospital costs and adhere to state EVV mandates. Together, the medical system and ConnectUs will continue to collaborate to improve the healthcare of thousands of patients across the region.


Restaurant delivery companies across the US rely on handheld devices for a multitude of logistical and organizational tasks. Turnaround time for a new device order can take up to 10-12 weeks. ConnectUs has filled orders for up to 5,000 devices at a time (fully configured, kitted, and branded) in 5-7 business days.

  • Ultra fast device turn around time at scale
  • Devices pre-configured to be used out of the box
  • Kitting into custom branded box
  • Since 2015, over 50K devices shipped successfully


Restaurant delivery companies facing device delivery delay

Leading restaurant delivery companies rely on modern devices and software to fully serve and support their clients. As logistics and other food service related tasks continue to evolve, opportunities for optimization are plentiful. The main obstacle, in many cases, is getting fully configured devices into the hands of workers.  

Initially, these companies would order directly from brand distributors for the devices. Configuration and delivery delays meant that a new fleet of devices required up to 3 months to arrive for deployment. The large time gap led to continuous customer dissatisfaction, order backlog accumulation, and persistent resource drain.


Shorten device procurement time & solve configuration issues

The major food service delivery companies sought to minimize the time to procure custom devices. Also, several companies desired to outsource device configuration and management to further streamline business operations. Additionally, some companies require devices to be branded using company logo, packaging, welcome screen, etc.


Partner with a custom device provider that can configure, kit, brand, and ship fast

There are very few customized hand held device providers that deliver quickly and at scale.  ConnectUs typically gets referrals from previous satisfied clients or by direct customer outreach efforts. In the telecom sector, major carriers also make direct referrals to ConnectUs.

Apple iPad 9.7” & 7.9” and Samsung 8” & 10” Tablets (both WiFi only and cellular connected) devices are the most requested models by restaurant delivery companies. After defining specifications, ConnectUs can procure, configure, kit, brand, and ship thousands of devices in less than 2 weeks and in some cases within a week.


Dramatically improved restaurant delivery company business outcomes

Previously, restaurant delivery companies had to wait 10-12 weeks for device delivery. By decreasing the wait time by over 80%, customer satisfaction increases and internal resources are conserved. 

Several companies leverage ConnectUs to manage their Samsung Knox configurations and other Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms. Fully configured prior to shipping, devices are end-user ready for the customer upon arrival. Additionally, ConnectUs can offset the hardware burden for clients by providing value-add managed services. 

Future plans are to continue expansion into tens of thousands of additional restaurants through company partnerships along with additional food restaurant service companies.

Samsung Note 5 Verizon - Scanning Devices
Samsung Smartphone – Solution


A leading provider of hand held license plate scanning and ticketing devices turned to ConnectUs to procure thousands of out of production Samsung Note smartphones. Now, the Company provides seamless product delivery at a substantial cost reduction.

  • Recommended by Samsung directly and worked in conjunction with Verizon Wireless Business Group to support connectivity.
  • Procured 1000s of end of life certified pre-owned devices no longer being manufactured
  • Initial order turned around in 10 days
  • Realized overall savings of $300+ per device
  • Uninterrupted supply chain for 3 years running


Hand held computer supplier unsatisfied by phablet provider

Since 1978, with over a million devices in the field, the Company designs and manufactures customizable, rugged mobile, industrial, handheld computers for a wide variety of applications. One of their main products is a handheld license plate scanning and traffic/parking ticketing computer used by local government and law enforcement agencies.

The devices the Company required were Samsung Note android smartphones which are outfitted into a proprietary sled. The previous vendor was not able to fill the device orders reliably, and quality was also an issue. This led to product delivery delays and end customer dissatisfaction.


Find a reliable provider of hard to find devices

Given the problems with their previous device provider, the Company consulted directly with Samsung about potential solutions for hardware requirements. Samsung recommended ConnectUs due to our proven track record of delivering hard to find, high quality, out of production devices.  


Transition over to ConnectUs and ramp up device delivery

The Company decided to start with one initial order from ConnectUs of over 1000 Samsung Note 3 phablets. These would later be paired with the Company’s proprietary peripheral sled. This first order was delivered in 10 business days, and the device quality was like-new. 

Based on this initial success the collaboration continued, and the devices eventually evolved into Samsung Note 5 phablets. Overall, thousands of discontinued models have been delivered.

Samsung Note Smarthpone - Ticketing Peripheral


Streamlined, reliable device delivery and substantial savings for the long haul

As the Company’s proprietary scanning peripheral was built specific to the form factor of the device, out of production hardware was their only choice. However, device quality and reliable deliverability were core issues left unsatisfied by the previous vendor. 

For three years running now, the Company continues to choose ConnectUs as their go-to device provider. ConnectUs delivers certified pre-owned devices at a fraction of the cost that look and work like brand new.  

ConnectUs also manages the Company inventory, and shipping occurs on demand. All the devices are asset tagged by ConnectUs specific to the Company requirements. On top of the much improved quality and service, the average savings per device has been over $300. Thanks to this mutually beneficial relationship, several thousand models have been shipped successfully enabling the Company to grow as a sector leader.


ConnectUs School Bus
Connected School Bus Panorama Antenna
5 in 1 Panorama Antenna – Connected School Bus


By outfitting a local school district’s school buses with connected camera monitoring systems and WiFi capability, ConnectUs improved transportation security while also providing controlled Internet access for students in underprivileged neighborhoods.  

  • Implemented Cradlepoint Routers, Antennas, and Cameras to allow for student monitoring at a distance.
  • Provisioned NetCloud Manager to enable mobile Internet access on board.
  • Fully outfitted school buses with monitoring and connectivity capability in 2 days.
  • Met the needs as outlined by the school district and their Tier 1 Telcom Carrier.


School district wanting to improve security and connectivity 

Today’s schools understand that student safety and security is more important than ever. Plus, the challenges to keep students safe has become increasingly complex. For this reason, visible monitoring has gained increased interest by school administrators.

In order to provide a more secure environment, a local school district was searching for monitoring options for students that take the bus to school. By being able to monitor students visually, it would enable administrators to identify risks and document any issues that could impact the students’ safety.

Additionally, the school district wanted to provide controlled WiFi access on their buses for underprivileged neighborhoods whose students may face difficulty with adequate mobile Internet access.


Find an affordable mobile camera and WiFi solution for buses

The school district knew the solution they sought required mobile connectivity that would enable the monitoring of students in real time and provide high grade Internet connectivity. Also, the school’s tight budget constraints required an affordable solution. Finally, the monitoring system roll out had to be as fast as possible to avoid any unnecessary bus availability downtime. 


Consult with Tier 1 Telcom Carrier about viable options

Connected School Bus Panorama Antenna
On-site installation of Panoram 5 in 1 antenna

The school district reached out to their Tier 1 Telecommunications Carrier to inquire about possible solutions. The Carrier already had a prior established relationship with ConnectUs due to previous successful collaborations. 

It was agreed that ConnectUs would provide:

  • Cradlepoint IBR900 Routers / Panorama 5-in-1 Antennas / Connected Cameras
  • Equipment installation, maintenance, and tech support
  • Provisioning of NetCloud Manager

Meanwhile, the Carrier would activate the devices and provide cellular connectivity. 


Improved school bus transport security and mobile online access

Once ConnectUs was authorized to implement the bus monitoring system, it required only two days to install the hardware and bring the system live. Now, scanning devices can monitor students in real time as they get on and off buses. Also, a running activity log can be accessed if an incident needs to be reviewed. 

The buses also provide WiFi service so students can communicate and access online educational resources on their way to school. ConnectUs provisions the net cloud manager so that filters can be set on the websites that can be accessed according to the school district’s preferences.

Cradlepoint IBR900 Router Connected School Bus
Cradlepoint IBR900 4G LTE Mobile Router with NetCloud

Thus far, this school bus pilot project has performed exceptionally. Now, the district is evaluating the possibility of outfitting their entire fleet of 250 buses with the same technology.