Insurance Providers


The use of mobile devices has helped improve the responsiveness and effectiveness of insurance providers. For example, tablets make it possible for field agents to gain access to necessarily information and functionality right on site. We provide top-quality, data-wiped devices with the fastest turnaround times in the industry. No quantity requirement is too large or too small.

We are uniquely positioned to help carriers and MVNOS maximize their sales and deliver top-quality service to customers because of our long-term professional relationships with our suppliers. We’re provided exclusive access to the latest new, refurbishes, and pre-owned mobile technology at reduced prices, and are eager to pass those savings onto you. We’re even capable of loading custom software, as requested, and can fulfill large quantities with the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

We help schools introduce technology to their students’ lives without compromising their budget restraints. As mobile technology becomes the preferred way to conduct business, it’s essential that children be introduced to these technologies in an organized, nurturing setting such as a classroom, to prepare them for the future. For example, the use of tablets can greatly reduce the cost of books, and with ConnectUs, schools can save up to 60% on pre-owned devices, vs. purchasing new ones.

We’re a preferred supplier for some of the country’s most successful and recognizable companies. We have a proven track record for quickly delivering customized mobile solutions – no matter how large an order is, within every industry imaginable. Our flexibility and fast response time make us the ideal partner for the elite companies who shape America’s business climate.

Mobility is critical in the day-to-day operations of farmers. That’s why the integration of our mobile devices has reshaped the way farmers get the job done. Across the country mobile devices are used for data logging and management (such as manure monitoring), to receive targeted news and information that affects them, for enhanced calculation tools and more. We offer custom solutions and are capable of rolling out a large quantity of cutting edge mobile devices, at affordable prices for agriculture companies of any size.



Mobile technology has helped the transportation industry (from taxis to truck drivers) keep up with modern times. Taxis can equip their cards with smart devices for directions, payment collections and more. Lyft and Uber rely on smartphones as the backbone of their business. Truck drivers use smartphones and tablets for data collection, logging hours and more. Our ability to handle any size order makes us the ideal mobile solutions partner for your transportation business.

Government agencies are constantly toeing the line between advancing their use of technology while adhering to strict budget constraints and unforgiving deadlines. That’s why so many agencies turn to us for their mobile solutions. We have the means and resources to fulfill large, quantity device requirements that adhere to government standards. We’ll provide you with a customized mobile solution to meet your deadlines and budget.

The healthcare field has transformed since the introduction of mobile technology. Tablets and phones are used to collect and retrieve patient information. Sales reps in the pharmaceutical industry use tablets to make presentations and collect data. The need for paper has been all but eliminated. We’ll connect your team or organization with advanced and customized solutions to help you perform your job more efficiently.



Few industries are as fast-paced and customer-centric as the hospitality industry. That’s why mobile technology has become so common in this industry – mobile technology helps you keep up with the pace of the modern consumer. Our clients use our competitively priced mobile solutions as a way to display menus, accept payments, place orders or to collect customer information.