How Mobile Devices Solve Problems in Warehousing

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Running a successful warehouse operation is a substantial challenge. Every scenario is unique as there are so many variables that can change how to move, store, and keep track of everything.

By implementing mobile devices, warehouses can dramatically improve their operations in several ways. At ConnectUs, we’ve designed solutions that greatly improve productivity and accuracy for all different kinds of operations. We’re going to explore the most common obstacles with warehousing and discuss how mobile solutions provide great benefit to these portions of a business.

Problems experienced in warehousing

Running a warehouse can be a lot like moving to a new home, but every day – some parts are simple but there’s a major challenge that becomes apparent when new inventory arrives, and it doesn’t quite “fit” with your current model. In this sense, it’s a lot like trying to get an awkward couch through a door that’s too small. But in a warehouse, it’s all the time.

Keeping track of items is historically difficult. Sometimes, items are suddenly moved or reorganized and if this isn’t communicated to all the proper parties, there becomes a serious bottleneck in operations. This is the case for both models that supply outside customers as well as in B2B operations.

Inventory management cycles differs between all products. Most items, whether perishable or not, have a limited viability, meaning it’s important to plan and execute both movement and storage for the duration you’ll carry the product. Ideally, someone on the business end has an idea of how long the product will be kept, but when numbers don’t work out as planned, it’s an issue that falls on warehouse operations.

Shipping and receiving manifests can turn into a nightmare if not properly organized and archived. Especially for companies not utilizing digital means to track these documents, it requires unwavering diligence to keep on top of these. Losing these items or not properly recording data translates to financial losses which harms everyone involved in your transactions.

At ConnectUs, we’ve delved into many of the issues experienced with warehousing operations and come up with effective solutions. Our designs allow warehouses to operate more efficiently, improving the bottom line.

Solving warehouse problems with mobile solutions

In almost every warehouse scenario, scanning is major portion of the operation. Scanners are almost always a requirement, but they’re often utilized in a less than efficient manner.

By implementing a cataloging solution that best aligns with the operational model, this greatly increases productivity. Sometimes, replacing 1D scanners with those capable of 2D or 3D scanning can make a substantial difference as these designs can convey more data. Tagging inventory in a such a manner (or with a QR code), can pass additional parameters, enabling the device to take more advanced actions, like opening a webpage or an application.

It’s essential to make sure everything connects – this is true for both physical devices and software. Devices configured to transmit data between the clients on the devices to the inventory software in real time ensures that stock for any given item doesn’t simply disappear. This allows counts to remain accurate so there are no sudden issues that result an inability to fulfill an order.

Hardware needs to consistency work with applications used in the process. Proper pairing and ensuring that devices don’t get confused and cross over with nearby equipment keep the process as efficient as possible. For example, a Bluetooth scanner that links with a nearby staff worker’s device and suddenly inputs information creates inaccurate records.

The less paperwork, the better. It is possible to eliminate most, if not all, paper records in many instances. Although you’re still going to need to print paperwork when shipping items, having a digital record makes the process simpler to manage.

Go mobile by selecting ConnectUs to improve warehouse operations

Adding mobile devices to warehouse operations makes challenging tasks far simpler. We’ve identified many operational nuances in warehouses that we’ve resolved with various kinds of mobile technology. Each location is different, so we tailor solutions to match needs for each unique scenario.

In addition to serving warehouses that are essential to various industries, we build cost effective mobile solutions for every kind of business model. If you’re looking to become more efficient at your business with smart devices and helpful peripherals, visit our contact page and reach out to our staff to learn more about how we can improve your operations.