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How Mobile Devices are Utilized to Improve Theme Park Operations

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In what is perhaps one of the most unique instances of the hospitality industry, theme parks have been adopting new technology to improve attractions and vending operations. Mobile devices are being implemented in a variety of places to optimize processes, giving productivity a major boost in several key areas.

With theme parks, there are a great deal of moving parts, both literally and figuratively. Aside from the mechanical portions of attractions, there are other elements that make for a successful theme park. At ConnectUs, we have identified a few key areas where the implementation of a well-designed mobile solution can greatly improve customer experience and improve a business’s bottom line.

Challenges for theme park operations

Several places within theme parks experience inefficiencies if not properly equipped with modern technology. Utilizing antiquated processes for handling various customer needs results in a loss of revenue across many areas.

In the big picture, basically anywhere a customer needs to wait for an extended time is both a problem and presents an opportunity. Without addressing these defunct areas with tech that expedites processes, everyone loses.

In addition to the lost direct loss of revenue from not implementing effective ways to engage with customers as they wait, indirect losses occur as a result. Without modern tech aiding with these processes, issues arise from inaccuracies and errors, amplifying the issues that come along with poor speed.

By assessing details of theme park obstacles from various angles, ConnectUs has come up with solutions that can – and have – vastly improved operations for theme parts. Below, we’ll discuss some of the specifics of theme park deficiencies we’ve identified where mobile devices have proved immensely useful for staff and customers.

Overview of our theme park solutions

To start, one of our clients that runs an incredibly popular theme park location in the US decided to work with us to solve inefficiencies with their current model. We were able to find a setup that was user friendly and cost effective, allowing the company to improve their operations.

By working with the client, we determined that iPads would be the best devices to suit there needs. We were able to configure these devices to work with their ticketing system that utilizes the park’s wristband system which holds the customer’s funds for park attractions. This vastly improve the times that it takes to move visitors through various queues across the theme park campus, in additional to accelerating vending processes.

This benefit this provides to attractions, food vending, and other kiosks, is alleviating the bottlenecks that are common with less-modern designs. With a secure mobile solution, customers don’t have to spend a substantial amount of time waiting for items. It also helps conversion rates in these areas, as those who expect wait times longer than their own patience will permit, are extremely likely to avoid the process altogether. As indicated in the linked blog, customer expenditure almost triples per person with effective mobile solutions.

Typically, theme park customers are in the mindset that they will be spending money quite liberally during their visit. The idea is to make this process as simple as possible – by furnishing the ability to spend funds via a wristband or with other means utilized by different models, customer satisfaction increases.

Like many other industries, making a purchase processes as smooth as possible proves to be one of the most successful methods for increasing revenue. The more automated these processes become, the easier it becomes for customers for make purchases. By catering to these needs, theme parks as well as other hospitality businesses will yield a greater increase in revenue per individual.

Implement a mobile solution at your theme park or hospitality business

As a theme park, customers are looking to experience a specific kind of freedom – automating sales processes for attractions and other vending operations proves to directly and indirectly increase revenue. In other hospitality scenarios, customer interaction is important, but automated processes are helpful in areas that don’t require much communication.

Whether or not you’re in the theme park business, ConnectUs listens to your needs and analyzes troublesome areas from a multitude of positions. If you’re looking to increase your revenue with mobile solutions to automate processes, improve operations, and increase customer satisfaction, visit our contact page to send us email or give us a call.

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