How ConnectUs Helped a Healthcare Provider Connect Their Patients

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In the medical field, patient care comes before all else in what many consider the highest echelon of services found across all industries. At ConnectUs Corp, we realize that providing the utmost level of care for patients is the number one priority – we were able to assist our client with a mobile solution that allows medical professionals to securely monitor their remote patients’ vitals and health diagnostic data in real time.

Prior to modern medicine, doctors made house calls to check on the ill or perform in-home medical procedures, but today is much different. Advances over the last century have brought significant advances to modern medicine which has solved many problems, but also created new challenges.

Between the needs of much larger population and the capability to treat a myriad of conditions, patients can either receive care during an office appointment or from a home care agency. Thanks to technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), healthcare providers can interface with patients from wherever they may be to monitor the health status of at-risk patients.

An overview of the healthcare provider’s problems

Once a patient leaves a treatment facility, their absence makes it difficult (or impossible) to continually monitor vital signs and other health diagnostic data. While some patients receive the all the necessary care via office visits, many require continuous monitoring for a successful treatment regimen.

The problem most healthcare providers face when caring for patients that require constant monitoring is multifaceted. Emergency situations can often be detected by sudden changes in vitals, but without the necessary equipment and the ability to interpret data, the patient can be at risk. Too, some issues only present themselves under certain conditions – for example, white coat hypertension – which creates inconsistencies in the long term evaluation of an individual’s health.

Professionals that provide home care needs resolve some of these issues, but the process can be cumbersome without the proper equipment. Without the proper technology, too much time is spent on administrative functions and manual data input, which is time consuming and error prone. By looking at the many variables and particularities of the provider’s needs, we were able to address these challenges with a safe solution that is also highly cost effective.

Our solution for the client

The goal of the solution was to provide medical professionals with tools to interface with their patients using equipment that can securely capture, store, and transmit patient data in an efficient manner.

To begin, we located tablets that could be used to properly interface with a wide variety of medical peripherals which were also simple enough that medical staff could train patients to perform necessary functions. Some of the items we procured for the provider included medical scales and blood pressure units from A&D, Nonin Medical pulse oximeters, as well as other assorted devices. Too, we acted as the supplier, so this meant including supplemental items such as chargers, batteries, and cables, to name a few.

Like smart devices for other industries where accidental damage is a concern, protecting these items from damage with a resilient case was a high priority. Even though patient homes typically aren’t hazardous environments, medically frail individuals are at greater risk for causing accidental damage. Too, it’s not unheard of for a home care professional to drop a device while in transit or at a patient’s home. As such, we selected OtterBox™ cases to protect the devices from spill and fall damage, fortifying the company’s investment.

The core of the solution involved securely connecting the tablets running the company’s medical application to the various peripherals we supplied. This allows patients or home care providers to ensure that data collected is input quickly and error free. These devices were further connected to staff consoles in manner that meets HIPAA compliance, allowing quick and secure transmission of data.

Outfit your healthcare business with mobile devices

We recognize that effective technology in the medical field can be, quite literally, a life or death situation. At ConnectUs Corp, we design solutions that tailor to you and your patients needs which meet all the necessary regulatory compliances.

Even if you’re not in the healthcare industry, we can build custom, mobile solutions that increase productivity and improve the bottom line. Please check out our contact page to send us email or give us a call to discuss your mobile needs.