How ConnectUs Helped Equip a National Trucking Company

When it comes to the trucking industry, several challenges have made operations seemingly more complex than they were just a decade ago. Among these challenges are newer regulations that require driving logs to be accurately maintained with digital solutions, effectively scrapping the pen-and-paper method used in the past. By assessing one company’s needs, ConnectUS Corp was able to successfully to equip their fleet with a solution that allows drivers to remain productive while effectively collecting mandatory data.

Drivers and vehicles are subjected to rigid expectations between keeping accurate records of trip times and mileage, maintaining equipment, and of course, the environmental difficulties that come with long-haul deliveries. Handwritten logs are subject to several potential problems that include being lost or destroyed, they’re prone to error, and the process is simply inefficient. By implementing an effective technological solution, truckers and administrators can save time, which keeps drivers safer and expedites operations.

An overview of the problem for the trucking industry

In order to address several travel-related problems on the roadways that connect cities across the country, the US government introduced an expansive law called the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, or MAP-21 for short, which is designed to improve several aspects of highway safety. As part of this solution, drivers and fleet management teams are required to utilize electronic logging devices (ELDs) by law.

One of the biggest problems identified in the trucking industry involved drivers spending too much time on the road which too often resulted in exhaustion and deadly crashes. While some truckers have spoken out against these newer rules, it is a necessity to limit drive time for the safety of both the drivers and other people on the highways. By the end of 2019, the ELD mandate will be in its final phase of implementation, meaning all drivers will be required to have self-certified devices registered with the FMCSA.

As such, fleet management companies are required to equip their drivers with ELD devices to meet compliance, which is a major change that comes with several variables. Fortunately, we were able to help one of clients with a complete solution to address implementation, usage, and several other concerns that come with the territory.

Our solution for the client

Rather than setup them up with hardware and software they required and wish them the “best of luck,” ConnectUs stepped in as a full-source provider.

We settled on two different tablets – the ZTE Trek 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab E – for the many drivers employed by the company. Both devices feature a smaller profile at 8” so they’re portable yet large enough to be functional when imputing data into the required applications. To ensure devices can connect while on the road, they required a data plan to eliminate the need to connect to Wi-Fi. By working with our partners, we were also able to take on the role of acting as their mobile Internet provider.

To effectively manage the devices, the company required an MDM solution to securely connect and administer endpoints, wherever the drivers might be. We implemented SureMDM from 42Gears as a way to interface with mobile endpoints used by the drivers to ensure that data transmits between the applications installed on user devices and the core ELD system. It also provides us with several other capabilities as well as removes the need for the company to micromange or troubleshoot when something goes wrong.

ConnectUs Corp handles everything from supplying the tablets, setting up the devices so they’re ready to go out of the box, providing mobile data with the help our provider, and managing the devices while in use. In doing so, we helped solved a necessary compliance requirement as well as enabled the business to operate more efficiently by vastly improving the time it takes to collect and process logs. We hope that we’re not only saving the company money but also reducing the number of accidents on highways as a byproduct of driver fatigue.

Implementing a solution for your fleet

At ConnectUs Corp, we recognize that all businesses are different, even those in the same vertical. By assessing everything – even the most miniscule components of an operation – we design the best possible solution. When it comes to fleet management, this means we find the least intrusive technology as the whole point is to make things easier for people delivering goods across the country, not more complex.

Whether you’re running or trucking business, or operating in some other industry with mobile requirements, we can develop custom solutions to meet your needs. You can reach us by visiting our contact page and give us call, send us an email, , or stop by our Holland, Pennsylvania office to discuss your business needs.