Point-Of-Sale Company Acquires 3,000+ Hard-to-Find Samsung Tablets For Pilot Restaurant Program

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A major Point-of-Sale Company for Restaurants & Retail was using Samsung Tablets for a custom case pilot restaurant program built around the tablet’s form factor. When the device supply suddenly went End-Of-Life (EOL), ConnectUs filled a 3,000+ device order that the manufacturer could not satisfy thus extending the program longevity. The Point-of-Sale Company realized a $100 per device savings.

  • Filled hard-to-find device order to extend program life.
  • Devices configured and devices shipped nearly on demand.
  • $300K total savings ($100 per device).


Point-Of-Sale Company facing scarcity of customized Samsung Tablets

The Point-of-Sale Company for Restaurants & Retail had been successfully using customized Samsung Tablets for a pilot program for 2 years. The company sourced the devices directly from the manufacturer’s distribution network as brand new devices. However, Samsung decided to discontinue manufacturing leading to a device End-Of-Life (EOL) situation. 

A custom case had been built around the form factor of the specific Samsung Tablet, and now, the Point-of-Sale company was faced with the absence of a device provider.


Continue with the pilot program, but find a new custom device provider

Rather than end the current Point-of-Sale pilot program and re-start from scratch, the company decided to extend its current offering. Given the investment made into the custom case, the Point-of-Sale company sought to extract as much value as possible from the initiative before making wide reaching modifications. Now it was time to find a provider that could provide the Samsung devices.


Locate a custom device provider that could fill orders at scale

In order to extend the custom case, a device provider that could quickly fill orders at scale was essential. At this point, ConnectUs engaged with the company’s procurement team through Linkedin. The Point-of-Sale company quickly realized that ConnectUs could fulfill the order in less time than the original manufacturer. 

The Point-of-Sale company shared it’s device requirements with ConnectUs, and the devices were configured and shipped, nearly on demand. Even better, the Samsung tablets came at a $100 per device discount.


Leveraging the full value of custom case at a considerable overall savings

In many cases, companies face an acute lack of device supply when manufacturers suddenly allocate devices to End-Of-Life (EOL) status. These situations truncate custom case initiatives that have yet to run their full course as previously planned by companies. 

ConnectUs was able to ship over 3,000 Samsung tablets ready for the custom case enabling the Point-of-Sale company to leverage the full benefit of its efforts. This provided the company the flexibility to continue with its program while gaining time to plan for future initiatives. Otherwise, the brand would have been stuck with unmet device demand and no alternative solution.

The $300K overall savings made the decision all the more beneficial, and the Point-of-Sale company was highly pleased with their engagement with ConnectUs.