Satisfying Urgent Case Built iPad Demand for Major Theme Park



A major Theme Park was purchasing iPads, enrolled in Apple Configurator, directly from the manufacturer for point-of-sale and park check in purposes. When the manufacturer could no longer fill the orders in a timely fashion, the Theme Park faced a major productivity gap risk. ConnectUs stepped in and delivered 2,500 enrolled devices in 5 business days. Additionally, the client saved over $500K purchasing from ConnectUs.

  • 2,500 custom iPads shipped in 5 business days.
  • $200 per device savings. / $500K overall savings.
  • Devices enrolled through Apple Configurator prior to shipping.
  • Eliminated productivity gap risk.


Major Theme Park facing iPad shortage used in point-of-sale initiatives

Today, in a multitude of point-of-sale scenarios, hand-held devices streamline transactions and increase customer satisfaction. A major Theme Park implemented iPads as a point-of-sale device as well as a means for customers to check in to parks, hotels, and other managed venues. The device manufacturer designated the iPads to End-of-Life status, and any future orders required a 10-12 week lead time. 

Already behind in its roll out schedule, the Theme Park could not afford to wait. The delay would have caused significant employee productivity gaps and a decline in park visitor satisfaction.    


Quickly locate devices that fit use case built for specific iPad model

As the device use case was built for a specific model, the Theme Park could not go with a substitute device model mid-campaign. Given the long wait provided by the manufacturer, the Theme Park had no choice but to seek out a qualified alternative that could provide enrolled iPads at scale. Any further delay would be unacceptable. 


Engage with new device provider and roll out new inventory quickly

A Tier 1 Cellular Carrier was intimately involved in the Theme Park initiative, and the Carrier directly contacted ConnectUs. After confirming that ConnectUs could satisfy their need, the Theme Park placed its order. Within 5 business days, 2,500 iPads were enrolled through Apple Configurator and shipped to the client.


Seamless point-of-sale initiative continues at a large cost savings

Buying devices directly from the manufacturer involves risk. First, long wait times are not uncommon. Second, market pressures force the manufacturer to remain at higher price tiers. Lastly, when the manufacturer’s product cycle closes, End-of-Life devices become unavailable. 

The Theme Park was able to maintain employee productivity by leveraging ConnectUs to provide continued availability of its point-of-service, custom case devices. Rather than waiting 10-12 weeks, ConnectUs was able to deliver in 5 business days. Another huge benefit was a cost savings of $200 per device for a total savings of over $500K.

Now, the Theme Park employees can continue to get the job done delivering unforgettable experiences for park visitors.