Urgent Care Center Minimizes Patient Wait Times & Improves EMR With Custom iPad’s



A leading Urgent Care Franchise significantly reduced its patient wait times by implementing Apple iPad’s–configured by ConnectUs–for patient check in. By leveraging these customized devices, the franchise streamlined administrative and medical records processes at a significant per-device cost savings. 

  • Patient check-in and wait time reduced by 17 min.
  • Devices were in stock for immediate configuration and shipment.
  • Apple iPads synced to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to reduce errors.
  • Per-device cost savings of up to $150.


Urgent care franchise seeking to improve administrative performance

Urgent care centers typically experience excessive patient wait times and medical document errors with these two challenges being intimately related. Paper based check in is slower, redundant, and it increases the chances for error due to illegible handwriting and/or data entry mistakes. 

Sensitive to these deficiencies, a leading Urgent Care Franchise was seeking to upgrade its administrative process by implementing modern, hand-held digital technology.


Digitize and accelerate patient check in using connected Apple iPads      

The Urgent Care Franchise decided the best approach would be to perform patient intake with tablet devices in order to accelerate patient data collection. Also, by linking the devices to the franchises EMR database, medical record quality would improve while eliminating the need for staff to process the data manually.


Partner with a provider that configures and delivers devices quickly

Upon evaluating various solutions, the Urgent Care Franchise was referred to ConnectUs by a prior customer. It was immediately apparent that ConnectUs could meet the Franchise’s requirements while also providing a significant discount compared to other providers.

After outlining the specifications, the Apple iPad’s were configured rapidly and shipped immediately. ConnectUs enrolled the devices into Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) for the client so that the Mobile Device Management (MDM) settings could be pushed onto the iPad’s. Since ConnectUs already had the devices in stock, there was no procurement time delay whatsoever. 


Over 1,500 devices deployed to improve administrative and medical records tasks

Overall, ConnectUs configured, kitted, and delivered over 1,500 devices to the Urgent Care Franchise. The solution enabled the urgent care clinics to substantially reduce administrative resource drain and increase patient satisfaction. As patients no longer have to fill out cumbersome paper forms when checking in, wait times are reduced for patients on average by 17 minutes. The Apple iPad application minimizes data entry errors and connects directly to the (Electronic Medical Record) EMR to eliminate information redundancy. 
ConnectUs provides the ability to scale Certified Pre-Owned iPad’s at a considerable cost savings (up to $150 per device). Additional Apple iPad’s are maintained in stock at all times for immediate delivery as demand arises. For the future, the Urgent Care Franchise plans to expand to additional clinics as well as other healthcare institutions to continue conserving administrative resources and optimizing patient care.