Case Studies

Fortune 500 Solutions

We work directly with some of the nation’s largest communications providers to provide them with a cost savings of 30% or more on hardware. As part of our trusted partnership, we provide devices to these clients on a weekly, ongoing...

01 November, 2018

Case Studies

How Mobile Devices are Utilized to Improve Theme Park Operations

In what is perhaps one of the most unique instances of the hospitality industry, theme parks have been adopting new technology to improve attractions and vending operations. Mobile devices are being implemented in a variety of places to optimize processes,...

17 January, 2019

Case Studies

How Mobile Devices Solve Problems in Warehousing

Running a successful warehouse operation is a substantial challenge. Every scenario is unique as there are so many variables that can change how to move, store, and keep track of everything. By implementing mobile devices, warehouses can dramatically improve their...

22 January, 2019