Urgent Care Center Minimizes Patient Wait Times & Improves EMR With Custom iPad’s

KEY INSIGHTS A leading Urgent Care Franchise significantly reduced its patient wait times by implementing Apple iPad's--configured by ConnectUs--for patient check in. By leveraging these customized devices, the franchise streamlined administrative and medical records processes at a significant per-device cost...

30 April, 2020

Case Studies

Enabling Election Polling Company to Collect Data Faster at the Edge

Samsung Tablet Polling Software KEY INSIGHTS For the 2016 Presidential election cycle, a large polling company implemented Samsung tablets and LG GPads outfitted by ConnectUs. This enabled the company to implement highly efficient and secure polling capability with near real...

20 December, 2019


Reducing Readmission Rates for Major Hospital System With Configured Samsung Devices

KEY INSIGHTS By rapidly providing a major medical center with Samsung devices configured with Samsung Knox, ConnectUs further enabled patient follow up care at a distance to help reduce hospital readmission rates--while simultaneously providing a savings of $200 per device.  ...

27 February, 2020