Over 12,700 Flip Phones Delivered to New York School System

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A major New York based Metropolitan School System required specialized flip phones as part of their Covid-19 response plan. Over 12,700 hard to find devices were needed in a tight time frame. ConnectUs was the only value-add reseller that had the flip phones in stock in large quantities. The phones were custom kitted and shipped in just over one week.

  • Over 12,700 ZTE flip phones kitted and shipped in 8 business days.
  • Enabled rapid, custom response to Covid-19 education demand.
  • Trust built with community for any future technology needs.


Major Metropolitan School System faces unique remote learning challenge

During the height of the Covid-19 crisis, educational organizations had to reinvent how to teach their students. Most turned to distance learning solutions that required digital devices for each student to learn from home.

A Major Metropolitan School System based in New York faced this situation with an added challenge. Being affiliated with a religious group, they decided to only use flip phones for remote learning. In early 2020, these devices were especially hard to find. As the lockdowns continued, time was of the essence. 


Find a provider that could deliver uncommon flip phones at scale

The School System was already using Verizon Wireless for their mobile needs. However, when they approached the Tier 1 Carrier, they learned that Verizon could not fill such a large order (12,700 phones) in such a short period of time. The quoted wait time from the Carrier was 10-12 weeks. This was far too long for students to remain unschooled.

It was immediately clear that an alternative flip phone provider needed to be found to meet the unique education needs.


Consult with Carrier about alternative flip phone provider

Due to numerous previous successful experiences, Verizon referred the School System to ConnectUs. We are the industry leader in hard to find handheld device fulfillment. The School System was delighted to learn that ConnectUs had the flip phones in stock and in the quantity desired.


Over 12,700 custom flip phones kitted and delivered in record time

As soon as the order was placed, the ConnectUs team got to work to outfit the large flip phone order. The devices required custom kitting along with SIM pairings assigned to each device. A team of 16 people was assembled to work on the project. Over the course of 8 business days the phones were quickly configured and staged.

Even though the customer had no other options, being part of a religious community did not hinder their ability to enable remote learning. 

ConnectUs was able to configure, kit, and SIM pair over 12,700 flip phones and ship them within 8 business days. Thanks to these intense efforts, and the unique positioning of ConnectUs in the device market, the School System’s students could engage in distance learning.

Due to strict governance, the School System community does not enter lightly into any provider contracts. After this successful campaign, they will certainly look to ConnectUs again for future technology requirements.