Inseego Skyus 160 LTE Gateway Cat 6 Router Unboxing

Hello and welcome to the ConnectUs sponsored unboxing video for the Inseego Skyus 160. Today we are going to be taking a look at this router that has both fixed and wireless capabilities along with many more impressive features. We will also take a look at the setup process, what comes with the device, and the more detailed specifications like the data ports, antenna collectors, and battery compartment. 

What’s in the box

So to start, let’s see what comes in the box. As you can see it comes with a battery backup, 3 whip antennas, and an AC power adapter, along with the device itself and a quick start guide so you can quickly set up the device and get fixed or wireless connectivity almost instantly. The quick start guide shows us the simple 4 step process of setting up the device.

Step 1: Install an active sim card into one of the 4 pin dual sim slots in the compartment for the backup battery pack. The battery backup is an important feature because it gives the user an instant failover allowing for 24/7/365 secure connectivity through its 4400 milliampere/hour 12-hour battery backup for power loss protection.

Step 2: Connect the antennas to the corresponding ports on the device. Luckily the device has the antenna ports labeled with Gps, Cellular 1, and cellular 2 so this step is pretty difficult to mess up. 

Step 3: connect the device to the power source by plugging in the AC power adapter WHen the device is connected the LED lights near the logo will light up to show you it is connected. As you can see, there are two other ports next to the power in port. This is the micro USB port and the ethernet port which allows this device to use wireless and fixed connectivity because of the built in category 6 LTE modem. 

Step 4: The fourth and final step is to change the password of the device.

To finish this unboxing let’s take one last look at the list of features this device has. 

  1. It has multiple power interfaces through USB, Ethernet, and the 4400 Milliampere/hour  12-hour backup battery for power loss protection
  2. The battery backup allows for secure connectivity in the event of a power failure
  3. It has multiple data interfaces through USB, Ethernet, and Wifi
  4. It has 4 Pin dual sim slots
  5. It has Wifi 5 and bluetooth 5.0 capabilities
  6. It can connect to up to 15 devices at the same time and has up to 300 Megabits per second Download speed and 50 Mbps Upload speed
  7. It is compatible with verizon 

Due to these features along with the quick and easy setup this device is perfect for supplying remote networking and high speed connections for stores, working from home, branch offices, and many more applications.

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Inseego Skyus 160 LTE Gateway Router Cat 6

Skyus 160 LTE Gateway IoT Router

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