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2020 Election


In 2016, a national Polling Company turned to ConnectUs to outfit several thousand devices for Presidential Election polling campaigns. Now, for 2020, the same Company returned to ConnectUs for an ultra-fast turnaround to acquire more tablets used to conduct polls for this year’s heated election.

  • Quick device shipment despite challenges due to Covid-19
  • Savings of $250 per device compared to purchasing from the Carrier
  • 1,200+ Samsung, Lenovo and LG tablets shipped within 1-2 days of order


Polling company with urgent device demand

Given the unprecedented attention surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election, the pressure placed on polling companies has increased dramatically. Today, handheld devices are outfitted to collect polling data which improves data collection efficiency, increases accuracy, and accelerates poll result reporting. 

In 2016, a national Polling Company modernized its polling methodology by adding 8,000 hand-held devices procured, configured, and delivered by ConnectUs. With the intense interest in this year’s election, the Company was faced with an urgent demand to expand its polling tablet fleet.


Expand device fleet with no time to spare

For 2020, every political polling firm is working in overdrive. Given what’s at stake in the election, interest in polling results has risen sharply. One of the best ways to increase polling quality is to expand the number of pollsters out there gathering data. This means placing quality technology in their hands to get the job done.

Given the historic levels of interest in this year’s election, the Polling Company had a sudden, unforeseen increase in device demand. The objective was to get more polling devices out onto the streets to capture as many opinions within a very narrow time frame.


Re-engage with a custom device provider that can procure and ship immediately

The Polling Company’s initial approach was to consult with a mainstream Carrier to place a device order. However, the Carrier was sold out of the tablet model requested. The only possibility presented to the Customer by the Carrier was a more expensive device option. Additionally, ordering from the Carrier meant an 8-12 week wait time due to Covid-19 related supply chain restrictions.

In response, the Polling Company immediately contacted ConnectUs. They discovered that ConnectUs could fill the order with the desired devices, deliver rapidly, and offer huge savings.


Device order shipped in 1-2 days with over $300,000 in savings

ConnectUs got to work immediately to procure and ship over 1,200 LG, Samsung, and Lenovo  tablets to the polling company. Shipment was made within 1-2 days of ordering. Additionally, a $250 per device savings ($300,000+ total savings) was realized compared to the Carrier’s more expensive option.

By engaging again with ConnectUs, the Polling Company was able to build upon their 2016 election year success and improve outcomes for 2020 with more devices.

The Polling Company is also considering procuring more devices through ConnectUs for general and special elections. ConnectUs has also supported the Company’s non-profit fund-raising campaigns by providing additional device support. 

For any scenario requiring hard to find or custom hand-held devices, ConnectUs stands ready to deliver rapidly, at scale, and at significant savings. 

ConnectUs School Bus
Connected School Bus Panorama Antenna
5 in 1 Panorama Antenna – Connected School Bus


By outfitting a local school district’s school buses with connected camera monitoring systems and WiFi capability, ConnectUs improved transportation security while also providing controlled Internet access for students in underprivileged neighborhoods.  

  • Implemented Cradlepoint Routers, Antennas, and Cameras to allow for student monitoring at a distance.
  • Provisioned NetCloud Manager to enable mobile Internet access on board.
  • Fully outfitted school buses with monitoring and connectivity capability in 2 days.
  • Met the needs as outlined by the school district and their Tier 1 Telcom Carrier.


School district wanting to improve security and connectivity 

Today’s schools understand that student safety and security is more important than ever. Plus, the challenges to keep students safe has become increasingly complex. For this reason, visible monitoring has gained increased interest by school administrators.

In order to provide a more secure environment, a local school district was searching for monitoring options for students that take the bus to school. By being able to monitor students visually, it would enable administrators to identify risks and document any issues that could impact the students’ safety.

Additionally, the school district wanted to provide controlled WiFi access on their buses for underprivileged neighborhoods whose students may face difficulty with adequate mobile Internet access.


Find an affordable mobile camera and WiFi solution for buses

The school district knew the solution they sought required mobile connectivity that would enable the monitoring of students in real time and provide high grade Internet connectivity. Also, the school’s tight budget constraints required an affordable solution. Finally, the monitoring system roll out had to be as fast as possible to avoid any unnecessary bus availability downtime. 


Consult with Tier 1 Telcom Carrier about viable options

Connected School Bus Panorama Antenna
On-site installation of Panoram 5 in 1 antenna

The school district reached out to their Tier 1 Telecommunications Carrier to inquire about possible solutions. The Carrier already had a prior established relationship with ConnectUs due to previous successful collaborations. 

It was agreed that ConnectUs would provide:

  • Cradlepoint IBR900 Routers / Panorama 5-in-1 Antennas / Connected Cameras
  • Equipment installation, maintenance, and tech support
  • Provisioning of NetCloud Manager

Meanwhile, the Carrier would activate the devices and provide cellular connectivity. 


Improved school bus transport security and mobile online access

Once ConnectUs was authorized to implement the bus monitoring system, it required only two days to install the hardware and bring the system live. Now, scanning devices can monitor students in real time as they get on and off buses. Also, a running activity log can be accessed if an incident needs to be reviewed. 

The buses also provide WiFi service so students can communicate and access online educational resources on their way to school. ConnectUs provisions the net cloud manager so that filters can be set on the websites that can be accessed according to the school district’s preferences.

Cradlepoint IBR900 Router Connected School Bus
Cradlepoint IBR900 4G LTE Mobile Router with NetCloud

Thus far, this school bus pilot project has performed exceptionally. Now, the district is evaluating the possibility of outfitting their entire fleet of 250 buses with the same technology.