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Remote Wifi


During the peak of the Covid-19 crisis, hundreds of K-12 schools and universities required remote WiFi connectivity to facilitate online learning. In response, ConnectUs was able to quickly deploy over 340,000 hotspot devices nationwide to over 450 schools. Shipping occurred within 1-2 business days of order beating direct distribution shipment time by several weeks.

  • Over 450 K-12 and universities supplied with devices
  • Faster shipping compared to direct distribution and competitors
  • 340K devices deployed over 40 states in record time
  • Devices kitted with mobile device management (MDM) options


National health crisis creates huge demand from schools for wireless internet access

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, governments reacted by implementing strict lockdowns. It wasn’t long before new organizational solutions were being developed, especially in the education sector with digital learning platforms. As social distancing requirements remained in place, widely available remote WiFi connectivity became essential.

K-12 schools and universities quickly realized that their current WiFi networks could not keep up with the demand for connectivity. 


Increase internet access coverage to enable the use of digital learning tools

From video classrooms to online school and university portals, the educational landscape changed dramatically in 2020. Students were connecting with teachers more than ever online to attend virtual classes and access homework assignments. Plus, interaction between students also moved significantly online.

School WiFi networks were strained far beyond capacity, and the need for access appeared in places where no WiFi signal existed previously. The objective was to increase internet access for students, educators, and school staff.


Rapidly deploy WiFi hotspot devices to meet explosive demand

For hundreds of schools and universities, installing more broadband cable to meet the surge in connectivity demand would have taken several months. Meanwhile, students needed to advance with their learning programs immediately.     

The fastest and most convenient solution was to deploy WiFi hotspot devices to deliver an internet signal at any location desired. Many schools came to the same conclusion simultaneously, and they began to consult with Tier 1 Carrier representatives. Given such high demand, the reps immediately referred the schools to ConnectUs given our proven track record in rapid device delivery.


Over 340,000 hotspot devices deployed nationwide for remote education efforts

During the height of the Covid-19 crisis, ConnectUs was able to ship most orders within 1-2 business days over the course of 4 months. Direct distribution had an 8-12 week delivery time, and other device providers were taking 7-10 business days or longer to ship devices.

ConnectUs deployed over 340,000 hotspot devices from multiple manufacturers to over 40 states servicing over 450 individual K-12 schools and universities. ConnectUs provided devices to 3 out of 5 of the largest school districts in the country.

Additionally, multiple security options were provided including mobile device management (MDM) options for a number of schools. Since this initial deployment, dozens of schools have reached out for a second round of devices for the fall back-to-school season.

In the national Covid-19 response, ConnectUs is proud to be able to serve schools and help students stay on track with remote WiFi connectivity.




In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, a National Emergency & Disaster Relief Organization  required mobile internet access in pop up tents where people received screening tests and other medical assistance. The Organization turned to ConnectUs which was able to procure, kit, and ship 450 WiFi hotspot devices within one day of order placement. 

  • Ramped up Covid-19 response in days with WiFi hotspot devices.
  • Instead of 8-12 week delay, all devices were shipped within a single business day.
  • 450 devices shipped rapidly over a dozen locations.
  • Devices arrived ready to use out of the box.


Covid-19 required rapid response from Emergency & Disaster Relief Organization

The nationwide spread of Covid-19 infections required a fast, agile, and robust response from healthcare organizations. Rapid test coordination and test reporting depended largely on internet connectivity. Part of the Emergency & Disaster Relief Organization’s strategy was to set up pop up tents in the field to reach where rapid testing would be safe and efficient.

Being distant from infrastructure-based WiFi connectivity, the need for portable hotspots in the pop up tents became quickly apparent. This would facilitate the use of laptops and handheld devices being used in the fight against Covid-19.


Deploy WiFi hotspot devices nationwide as quickly as possible

As the viral infection was running its course across the country, every hour was critical. Internet connectivity in the field was of utmost importance. Viral testing was being performed in pop up tents to make testing more accessible, however, these locations did not have internet access. The Organization’s objective was to deploy hundreds of WiFi hotspot devices to locations nationwide. 


Locate a provider that could rapidly configure and ship devices 

The Emergency & Disaster Relief Organization first turned to a major Carrier to inquire about procuring hotspot devices. The Organization was disappointed to hear, however, that there was an 8-12 week delivery backlog as the requested devices were sold out.

The Carrier referred the Organization to ConnectUs as we are known for being able to locate hard to find devices with ultra quick delivery turnaround. The Emergency & Disaster Relief Organization was thrilled to discover that ConnectUs not only could supply the devices, but that shipment would be made within one business day of order placement.


450 kitted devices received, ready out of the box help fight to Covid-19

The Emergency & Disaster Relief Organization never faced an urgency of this scale. The ability to receive WiFi hotspot devices, across over a dozen locations nationwide, was a huge boost for crisis and treatment response teams.

ConnectUs was able to ship 450 Novatel and Inseego hotspot devices within a day of order placement. Additionally, the devices were fully kitted and end user ready upon delivery. Each device enabled up to 12 simultaneous internet connections.

The most important results were the healthcare outcomes. Volunteer and medical workers were able to access the internet on demand and get Covid-19 test results back to testing centers quicker. This in turn allowed them to focus on testing patients more efficiently.

In the future, in the event of another large scale health crisis, ConnectUs will be ready to help meet the challenge.