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Covid Testing Site


The Covid-19 crisis sent a Global Health Services Organization scrambling to locate 4G LTE Enterprise Gateway devices which were essential for their distributed enterprise. The devices were designated to be deployed to Covid-19 urban testing tents. ConnectUs was able to configure, kit, label, and ship the devices in one business day to help keep the Organization ahead of the crisis.

  • 225 Sierra Wireless 4G LTE Enterprise Gateway devices shipped within one business day
  • Enabled quick response to pandemic health crisis needs
  • Devices arrived fully configured, kitted, and labelled upon shipping


Global Health Services Organization requiring hundreds of 4G LTE devices on-demand

During the height of the Covid-19 crisis, many healthcare entities were forced to re-invent strategies to confront the unprecedented demand of a pandemic response. A large part of the effort revolved around virus infection testing as a core preventative measure. 

A major Global Health Services Organization responded to the crisis by deploying urban tent-based testing centers. As enterprise grade IT infrastructure was unavailable in the field on such short notice, the Organization required hundreds of 4G LTE devices to equip the tents with advanced connectivity capability.


Find a provider capable of rapidly providing 4G LTE enterprise level connectivity devices

When the Global Health Services Organization approached their distributor about the demand for 4G LTE devices, the turnaround time was set at 8-12 weeks. This long wait time was unacceptable as the spread of infection was being clocked in hours and days.

The Organization set out to find a device provider that could ship immediately to keep up with the urgent need for field testing. 


Consult with Tier 1 Carrier regarding hard to find device providers

In their search for enterprise grade 4G LTE devices, the Global Health Services Organization turned to their Tier 1 Carrier for help. The Carrier immediately referred the Organization to ConnectUs, due to our long, successful history of delivering hard to find devices to meet urgent needs

The Organization was thrilled to learn that ConnectUs could fulfill the order and ship the devices on-demand. 


225 Sierra Wireless 4G LTE Enterprise Gateways configured and shipped within one business day

Once the order was received, ConnectUs rapidly configured the devices with the latest firmware. The devices were then kitted and labeled according to specific location requirements. All the devices were shipped out the door within one business day.

With state-of-the-art global 4G LTE coverage, the Global Health Services Organization established broadband connectivity for POS devices and other mission critical equipment to ensure service during the crisis. This high level of connectivity enabled the Organization to provision devices, monitor cellular data usage, and remotely maintain software versions and configurations.

In the end, it meant virus testing and all pandemic related issues could be communicated quickly and reliably over the enterprise’s secure network.

ConnectUs has established a relationship with this top 10 US healthcare provider as a result of being able to turn around the equipment order quickly. Along with ConnectUs, the Organization has extended a lengthy contract process to ensure future device demands are met on time.



A leading Live Video Broadcast & Digital Signage Company required hundreds of 4G USB modems to power customer live feeds and digital signage advertising. These end-of-life devices were extremely difficult to procure, and only ConnectUs was able to deliver the quantity needed in a short time frame.

  • Over 400 hard to find 4G USB modems shipped
  • Several hundred in stock shipped immediately
  • Devices fully kitted and labelled
  • No other provider had the device in stock


Leading live stream provider and digital sign company stuck without modems

Live video streaming continues to increase in popularity for news, sports and many other content based media brands. Digital signage also has seen impressive growth over recent years. In fact, the global digital sign market is expected to expand to $31.7 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 8%. In terms of shipments, growth is anticipated to reach 6.45 million units by 2025. 

A leading Live Broadcast & Digital Signage Company had been using Novatel 4G USB modems for many of its media deployments. However, the devices are no longer being manufactured, and it has become nearly impossible to find them. The Company’s customers required the devices to power their signage and video setups.


Locate hundreds of end-of-life 4G USB modems quickly

The up front investment for video broadcasting and digital signage is significant. Being hardware dependent, when a device gets phased out of production, it presents significant challenges in regards to compatibility issues.

Rather than replace entire fleets of video broadcasting equipment, the Company decided to continue supporting existing assemblies. This meant finding hundreds of 4G USB modems compatible with other existing hardware.


Scan the market to acquire hard to find 4G USB modem devices

The Live Broadcasting & Digital Signage Company reached out to multiple providers. These other providers did not have the required modem in stock, and they could not provide any notion of acquisition date. 

Subsequently, the Company contacted their Tier 1 Carrier representative who referred them to ConnectUs. The proven ability to provide hard to find devices makes ConnectUs the go to solution in these difficult situations.


Over 400 hard to find devices kitted and delivered fast

ConnectUs had several hundred of the Novatel 4G USB modems already in stock. These were kitted and labelled to ensure the device barcodes could easily be scanned and assigned to each of the Company’s customers upon deployment. They devices were then shipped immediately. 

Nobody else in the industry could provide these discontinued devices. Following the initial shipment, the remaining units were received, kitted and shipped in a matter of weeks. Other device providers could not commit to any time frame at all.

The media broadcast Company was able to successfully procure the devices from ConnectUS and meet tight deadlines for their advertising network of customers. The Company will continue to use ConnectUs for future device fulfillment needs.