Inseego Wavemaker Pro FW2010e 5G CPE Modem Unboxing

Inseego Wavemaker Pro FW2010e 5G CPE Modem Overview

Hello and welcome to the ConnectUs sponsored unboxing video for the Inseego FW2010e from the Inseego Wavemaker series. In our last 2 unboxing videos we looked at the indoor routers in the wavemaker series, The FG2000e and FX2000e, so now we’ll be looking at the Wavemaker 5G outdoor CPE FW2010 series. The FW2010 and FW2000 are both classified as CPE which stands for Customer-Premises Equipment. This means that these devices use a cellular modem and sim card to achieve 5G speeds, and can also connect to the internet through Wifi. These outdoor CPE’s are designed to stand up to harsh weather conditions and temperature extremes while protecting your network and offering high speed 5G internet connectivity. The FW2010 has ultra-fast 5G mmWave, extended network coverage, advanced networking and security which makes these devices great for residences, commercial businesses, or large business offices. 

Ultra-Fast, High Power 5G mmWave Connectivity

Now that you have some background information about the device, let’s jump into the features and speeds of the device. The Fw2010e uses high-power mmWave antennas to extend the reach of 5G coverage over 4.35 miles or 7 kilometers while still supplying high-bandwidth and low-latency connectivity. This device also has 5G sub 6 gigahertz and 4G LTE category 22 like the rest of the wavemaker series. These key features allow this device to have incredibly fast speeds with 5 gigabits per second download and 1.8 gigabits per second upload speeds. You may still be a little worried about the device getting wet or dirty since it is an outdoor device, but let me put your mind at ease. This device is designed to withstand extreme temperatures anywhere from -4 degrees fahrenheit to 140 degrees fahrenheit, and it is IP67 rated for water and dust protection, so your device will always be protected.

Wavemaker FW2010e 5G Specification Highlights

Now that we have talked about the speeds and features, let’s open the box and jump into the specifications and hardware that help this device reach its crazy fast speeds. (Opening box) This device supports windows 10 and later and mac OS 10.14 and later and it also has a cellular Modem Chipset internally that allows it to achieve 5G connectivity. Just like the Fg2000 from our last video this CPE also uses the qualcomm SDX55 to achieve its 5g connectivity. Now let’s talk about what additional features and hardware this device has. Unlike our previous unboxings, this device does not have many external ports or hardware, as the device is usually placed outside and needs a protective case or shell to shield water and other damaging elements. As you can see, the fw2010e has dual sim slots just like the fg2000e and fx2000e, but similarly the regular fw2010, fg2000, and fx2000 only have one sim slot. The dual sim slots are important because it allows the device to automatically switch between Sim cards based on service availability, service quality, data usage, and signal strength. 

This device also has an ethernet LAN port which is 5 gigabits per second. The most important external features on this device are the antennas that support bands n257, n258, n260 and n261. This device has 2×2 MIMO mmWave, 4×4 MIMO sub 6, and 4×4 MIMO LTE antennas. Due to the amount of antennas used by this device and the fact that it is an outdoor CPE, Inseego recommends that the FW2010 be installed by professional technicians to assure optimal antenna orientation and performance. Whoever installs this device will likely want to use the Inseego mobile app to find the optimal mounting location and get easy access to device settings.

Wavemaker Pro FW2010e 5G Hardware Features

Now that we have unboxed the device and talked about the features specifications and hardware, let’s talk about the security that this device has to offer so you never have to fear for your network’s integrity. This device has a security hardened web interface, content filtering, hacker prevention, incorrect password lockout, secure firewall, IP passthrough, Vpn passthrough, manual DNS, session timeout and many more features designed to keep your network secure. 

The FW2010e outdoor CPE is a great device due to its fast speeds for wifi and 5g, its extended network coverage, and its advanced networking and security. All devices that I have unboxed in the wavemaker series have been really fast and secure devices but the FW2010e is the perfect outdoor CPE for residences, apartment buildings, dorms, commercial businesses, or large business offices. 

Thank you for watching this connect us sponsored unboxing video and please feel free to reach us at our website so we can help you and your business do mobility better.

What does CPE stand for in Networking?

CPE means Customer Premises Equipment and refers to communication equipment (like a router, bridge, modem or access point), which is normally physically located at the customer’s home or business premises.

Whether you’re looking to provide gigabit-speed internet connectivity to a residence, commercial business, or large business office, the Wavemaker 5G outdoor CPE FW2010 series are the high-performance 5G mmWave fixed wireless access solutions you’ve been waiting for.

The FW2010r outdoor CPE uses high-power mmWave antennas to extend the reach of 5G mmWave and bring high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity to new use cases and experiences. It also supports 5G sub-6 GHz and Cat 22 LTE, making it great for a wide range of locations with varying network coverage.

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