Supplying Top Restaurant Delivery Companies With 50,000+ Custom iPad’s & Samsung Tablets


Restaurant delivery companies across the US rely on handheld devices for a multitude of logistical and organizational tasks. Turnaround time for a new device order can take up to 10-12 weeks. ConnectUs has filled orders for up to 5,000 devices at a time (fully configured, kitted, and branded) in 5-7 business days.

  • Ultra fast device turn around time at scale
  • Devices pre-configured to be used out of the box
  • Kitting into custom branded box
  • Since 2015, over 50K devices shipped successfully


Restaurant delivery companies facing device delivery delay

Leading restaurant delivery companies rely on modern devices and software to fully serve and support their clients. As logistics and other food service related tasks continue to evolve, opportunities for optimization are plentiful. The main obstacle, in many cases, is getting fully configured devices into the hands of workers.  

Initially, these companies would order directly from brand distributors for the devices. Configuration and delivery delays meant that a new fleet of devices required up to 3 months to arrive for deployment. The large time gap led to continuous customer dissatisfaction, order backlog accumulation, and persistent resource drain.


Shorten device procurement time & solve configuration issues

The major food service delivery companies sought to minimize the time to procure custom devices. Also, several companies desired to outsource device configuration and management to further streamline business operations. Additionally, some companies require devices to be branded using company logo, packaging, welcome screen, etc.


Partner with a custom device provider that can configure, kit, brand, and ship fast

There are very few customized hand held device providers that deliver quickly and at scale.  ConnectUs typically gets referrals from previous satisfied clients or by direct customer outreach efforts. In the telecom sector, major carriers also make direct referrals to ConnectUs.

Apple iPad 9.7” & 7.9” and Samsung 8” & 10” Tablets (both WiFi only and cellular connected) devices are the most requested models by restaurant delivery companies. After defining specifications, ConnectUs can procure, configure, kit, brand, and ship thousands of devices in less than 2 weeks and in some cases within a week.


Dramatically improved restaurant delivery company business outcomes

Previously, restaurant delivery companies had to wait 10-12 weeks for device delivery. By decreasing the wait time by over 80%, customer satisfaction increases and internal resources are conserved. 

Several companies leverage ConnectUs to manage their Samsung Knox configurations and other Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms. Fully configured prior to shipping, devices are end-user ready for the customer upon arrival. Additionally, ConnectUs can offset the hardware burden for clients by providing value-add managed services. 

Future plans are to continue expansion into tens of thousands of additional restaurants through company partnerships along with additional food restaurant service companies.