Reducing Readmission Rates for Major Hospital System With Configured Samsung Devices



By rapidly providing a major medical center with Samsung devices configured with Samsung Knox, ConnectUs further enabled patient follow up care at a distance to help reduce hospital readmission rates–while simultaneously providing a savings of $200 per device.  

  • 370 Tab S4 Verizon Tablets were configured with Samsung Knox.
  • Devices shipped immediately as ConnectUs already had the tablets in stock.
  • Provided overall savings to the hospital system of $74,000.


Major hospital system facing depleted device supply

Technology helps improve healthcare delivery nationwide with remote patient monitoring being  one of the most valuable initiatives. When a patient is discharged, mobile devices and wearables can track vital signs, remind patients to take medications, and provide doctor’s advice about treatment, rest, and diet. With the help of mobile technology, readmission rates can be reduced by two-thirds, and the need for in person visits can be cut by over 50%. This translates into millions of dollars of health cost savings.   

A major medical center had implemented mobile patient follow up, but more devices were needed to meet rising demand. Previously, the hospital system sourced these devices directly from their carrier, however, the carrier stock was now depleted. The health center’s need was urgent, and it could not afford to wait for the anticipated 8-10 week delivery delay.


Find a provider that could quickly fill the order for configured devices

The medical system needed to procure devices from another source and receive them quickly. Beyond finding a capable provider that could fill the order for configured devices, the hospital leadership also wanted to avoid any significant increase in cost.


Consult with Tier 1 Telecom Carrier & move forward with new provider

As it could not provide the devices, the Tier 1 Carrier referred the medical center directly to ConnectUs. Not only could ConnectUs fill the order, but the devices were in stock for immediate shipping.

The order for 370 Samsung Tab S4 Verizon Tablets, enrolled and configured into Samsung Knox, was filled immediately. As the devices were Certified Pre-Owned, this generated an added benefit to the hospital center of a per device savings of $200 and a total savings of $74,000.


Work with a reliable supplier and frictionless future planning

The hospital system now counts on ConnectUs as a reliable device provider that can quickly fulfill a wide range of orders at lower cost. ConnectUs continues to work closely with hospital leadership on other initiatives to provide bundled turn-key solutions, such as for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and Telehealth options. 

New opportunities can save the medical center hundreds of dollars per device and further assist in efforts to reduce hospital costs and adhere to state EVV mandates. Together, the medical system and ConnectUs will continue to collaborate to improve the healthcare of thousands of patients across the region.