Enabling Election Polling Company to Collect Data Faster at the Edge

Samsung Polling Software


For the 2016 Presidential election cycle, a large polling company implemented Samsung tablets and LG GPads outfitted by ConnectUs. This enabled the company to implement highly efficient and secure polling capability with near real time results.

  • Quick device turn around time beating the deadline
  • Savings of $150 per device compared to purchasing from the carrier
  • Devices locked down in Kiosk mode for secure use 
  • Tablets configured and shipped on demand to end users


Polling company seeking to modernize and improve performance

It wasn’t long ago that polling companies would go door-to-door using paper based clipboards to record polling data. In fact, many companies continue this practice to this day. The results are then sent back to a central database for manual processing which can take weeks.

For the 2016 Presidential campaign, a large polling company wanted to modernize it’s polling capability by making it fully digital and online. The company leadership concluded that handheld devices – dedicated strictly to polling – was the ideal strategy. 

Samsung Tablet Signature Verification Election Polling
Samsung Tablet Signature Verification Election Polling


Locate & configure thousands of tablets quickly and affordably

Although the polling company knew that tablets made sense for their needs, the challenge was to procure thousands devices and configure them for polling initiatives. Also, the tablets had to be shipped to dozens of locations across the US. 

Security was also of central importance to avoid poll result manipulation, which made device protection and monitoring essential. Finally, the entire device fleet had to be outfitted and delivered quickly at a reasonable per device price.  


Engage with a custom device provider that could configure, kit, and ship fast

The polling firm began its search for a customized hand held device provider. ConnectUs was referred by a previous satisfied client to the polling company. 

After reviewing the requirements of the company campaign, it was decided that the best devices would be Samsung tablets and LG GPads. Once the specifications were defined, ConnectUs was able to procure, configure, kit, and ship nearly 8,000 devices before the set deadline.


Streamlined national polling capability at a lower cost

ConnectUs met and exceeded the polling company’s requirements — not only delivering ahead of schedule, but also coordinating the logistics management to dozens of locations nationwide by shipping on demand to the end users. Plus, a savings of $150 per device was realized compared to purchasing direct from carrier. 

The devices were configured with the required polling settings and applications and were fully kitted according to client’s spec. Security was implemented by locking down each device in Kiosk mode so they could only be used within the polling application. ConnectUs also monitored data activity through a Mobile Device Management tool to prevent unauthorized users from gaining device access.

Image result for election polling tablet

The end result was hyper efficient and accurate polling data which could be analyzed in real time at a distance. For the 2020 primaries, ConnectUs continued to support the company establishing its place as an innovative leader in the US polling industry.