Telehealth Solution


What We Provide: Tablets kitted with Bluetooth diagnostic tools

What They Saved: $750,000

Our client is a telehealth leader allowing doctors to monitor their patients remotely.

When looking for a solutions provider this client needed someone they could partner with beyond just buying devices. They needed someone to act as a full 3PL, warehousing and shipping their solution.

Not only are we providing them thousands of tablets, we are configuring each one with their app and security requirements, while also pairing each tablet with four Bluetooth enabled diagnostic tools. We sourced a custom box to hold each component in place and keep the final solution in stock ready to ship on demand. The kit is ready to use out of the box upon receipt by the patient.

By choosing us, this leader in telehealth not only saved more than $750,000, but eliminated their own need to warehouse and distribute their product.