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Healthcare system utilizes iPhones to streamline communications
Healthcare system utilizes iPhones to streamline communications


By assigning its iPhone fleet acquisition to ConnectUs, the Largest Healthcare System in New England will ramp up to 10-12K devices in 3 years with an overall savings of up to $2.4M.

  • iPhones configured, customized, and ready out-of-the-box.
  • Scales up to thousands of devices in months.
  • Devices arrive to end user with Voalte app pre-installed.


Striving to improve healthcare communications in-house

The Healthcare System was using iPhones to streamline communication across a diverse array of world-class hospitals, specialty care locations, and outpatient clinics. As their supplier abruptly discontinued iPhone availability, the System could no longer meet demand. 


Increase configured and kitted iPhone fleet size

Simplify nurse and physician communication, and equip their IT team with the tools to manage, analyze and integrate mobile health technologies throughout their organization. The Healthcare System’s goal was to scale up its iPhone fleet quickly and be able to effective deliver devices to a multitude of inpatient and outpatient care facilities in multiple states. 

Apple iPhone DEP and Voalte Communication App
Healthcare Systems utilizes Apple iPhone DEP and Voalte Communication App


Find the best provider in terms of service, speed, and value at scale

The System’s plan was to acquire 10-12K pre-configured devices over the next three years. Only providers with a proven track record at scale were considered. Time was of the essence as rapid deployment was required to meet a backlog of demand.

It proved to be difficult to locate a provider of discontinued devices that could also asset tag, pre-configure, kit, and deliver at scale. Upon approaching ConnectUs, the Healthcare System also became aware of a $200 per device savings benefit.


Meeting device demand faster with significant savings

After engaging with ConnectUs, the Healthcare System was able to deploy several hundred iPhones – with Voalte app pre-installed – within weeks. Furthermore, a total savings of up to $2.4M is projected over the next three years. 

Voalte simplifies healthcare communications
Voalte – Healthcare communication platform

All devices come configured, branded, and ready out-of-the box. Now, the Healthcare System can continue to remain at the forefront of innovative care solutions for optimal patient outcomes.

Voalte – Healthcare communication platform for nurse and physician collaboration

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