Meeting & Event Planning Solution

What We Provided: More than 800 Android M2M devices

What They Saved: More than $300,000

Our client provides registration, data management, lead retrieval and event marketing to companies involved in the tradeshow industry. They turned to ConnectUs Corp for an order of 800+ mobile devices, which they were going to supply to their customers, so that they could record their attendee data at conventions around the globe.

By working with ConnectUs Corp, our client saved more than $300,000 (or 60%) on the cost of hardware, compared to what they’d have spent working with another vendor.

Focused on providing our client with a complete solution, we also referred them to our cost-savings partner, who provided them an exclusive discount on cellular service, where our client enjoyed an additional 50% savings on their more than 1,200 machine-to-machine (M2M) lines.